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When you open a message, a new toolbar appears, giving you more options for the specific page you are on.

The Message Toolbar:

Reference Chart:

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
Back to Previous Takes you back to the previous mailbox
New Message Creates a new e-mail message
Reply Replies to the sender of the message.
Reply All Replies to all senders of the e-mail, including forwarders
Forward as Attachment Forwards the message as an attachment
Print Gives you a printable version of the message
Calendar Opens the calendar
Logout Exits your Open Webmail session

Additional Message Icons:

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
Import Address Book [sender] Adds the sender of the e-mail to your address book.
Block Sender Blocks the sender by adding a filter.
Block SMTP Relay Blocks the SMTP Relay of that message (the server that forwarded the message)


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