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Featured Cruise Articles & Reviews

What's on Cruise Diva's mind? A bit of editorializing, news, announcements, and travel tips. Find that and more every day in Cruise Diva's Blog.

Cruise Diva

Take a look at River vs Ocean Cruising. River cruises are booming, so come along with Cruise Diva aboard Vantage Deluxe World Travel's River Splendor to discover the similarities & differences between river & ocean cruises.

Is your cruise ship sick? Separate fact from rumor and learn the truth about the dreaded "cruise ship disease" norovirus. The best way to prevent it and how to treat it.

Select Your Cruise Ship Cabin — Will it be Inside or Outside? Balcony Stateroom or Suite? Take a look at the accommodations available before choosing yours.

Air & Sea: Solutions for the Landlocked The facts about cruise line Air & Sea Programs and missing the boat.

Smoke on the Water — Can you smoke on your cruise ship? Cruise Diva outlines the cruise lines' updated smoking policies.

No two cruises are identical. Are your expectations realistic? Discover What to Expect On Your Cruise.

Cruise Travel Do's & Don'ts: You know you can't bring your cabin steward home with you, but what you may take might be a bit confusing. For instance, you can take the fruit basket, but not the fruit. Cruise Diva clears up what You Can & Can't Bring Home.

"My cruise was ruined!" Sadly, there’s no such thing as a perfect vacation and things can go just as wrong on a cruise as they do on land. Take matters into your own hands and learn the seagoing rules for Effective Complaining.

Catch The Communications Wave At Sea— The Internet, WiFi-enabled laptop computers, and cell phones deliver Tech Savvy Cruise Travel. Cruise Diva looks at the services offered by major cruise lines.

Cruise Travel Cost Control: Those boarding passes/room keys... ultimately, they are "Sail 'n Spend" cards. To keep your vacation budget from sinking, Cruise Diva offers Money Saving Tips that you can use when planning your cruise as well as once you are on board. We also clear up the confusion about What's Included In Your Cruise Fare (and what isn't). You have to get to port before sailing, so we take a look at Air & Sea Programs and how you can save time, money, and aggravation on flights.

Cruise Planning & Preparation—Things To Do: For smooth sailing, follow Cruise Diva's Cruise Planning Timeline as a part of your pre-cruise preparation strategy.

Recent Cruise Reviews: Amsterdam World Cruise; Azamara Quest; Norwegian Gem; Disney Wonder ; Disney Fantasy; Amsterdam; Norwegian Star; Disney Dream; Carnival Splendor; Veendam; Silver Shadow; Carnival Miracle; Oceania Cruises’ Riviera; Star Pride; Regal Princess; Silver Wind; Norwegian Getaway; Norwegian Breakaway; Carnival Conquest; Caribbean Princess; Carnival Freedom; Disney Fantasy; River Venture; MSC Divina; Norwegian Epic; Azamara Quest; Ruby Princess; MSC Divina; Royal Princess; Azamara Journey; Carnival Legend; Silver Spirit; MORE REVIEWS...

Booking A Cruise At The Pier The cruising urban legend that will not die.

It's your duty to shop, but it won't be free! Before you board your ship, get Cruise Diva's strategies for smart Shopping on Your Cruise Vacation and also learn how to snag some No-Cost Souvenirs. About those flip-flops... you'll have to sail on Celebrity Cruises' Solstice to sink your toes into them.

The True Confession of a pack-aholic. That would be your Cruise Diva. Learn how I overcame my pack-aholism with a streamlined strategy for Packing It In

Consideration, Courtesy, Civility — Pack your best manners and observe the three C's at sea with's Cruise Ship Etiquette.

Cruise Line Brochures — What do they say?
   ~ How to read them & get the information you need
   ~ What are the Brochure Buzz Words

Going Ashore Sightseeing can be a large add-on expense to a cruise vacation. Should you choose Shore Excursions vs. Independent Touring? Cruise Diva offers decision-making suggestions and helps you Decipher Excursion Descriptions.

Cruise Lines' Private Islands Established to provide a beach break on an island (or part of one) reserved for their exclusive use, most are located in the Bahamas chain of "home" islands and included in certain Caribbean itineraries.

Timing is Everything — Insure smooth sailing on Embarkation Day by following Cruise Diva's arrival tips.

Cruising With Kids? This is your must-have info:
       ~ Going to sea with children... why you need a Consent Letter
       ~ Family Cruising, The Basics
- Will your family enjoy a cruise?
      ~ Do's and don'ts & what to know
Before You Go  

Baby on Board — Cruise travel age restrictions for infants & regulations for expectant moms-to-be.

Taking Your Toddler To Sea Cruise ships are wonderful places for family vacations, but you must understand the rules before making promises to your littlest sailors.

For Spring Break, or any other time... young adults need to know that For Cruise Travel, Age Matters.

Are you in the mood for love? Cruise Diva shares her picks for the Most Romantic Ships. Get hints to enhance Romance at Sea and enjoy Princess Cruises' sumptuous Ultimate Balcony Dinner.

"The world's best islands are the ones that float and move.
They're called cruise ships." ~ The Cruise Diva

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