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Cruise Travel: Planning & Packing & Lists


Cruise Packing  Tips:

I became a confirmed packing list maker following my very first cruise on the SS Norway. I forgot one little grooming essential that I really really needed--my tweezers. One of my tablemates forgot to bring her hairdryer. We were both able to find suitable replacements ashore but we spent two days at sea before arriving in St. Martin where we could shop for them.

Aha! A light went on in my brain! If I had a checklist, I would be less likely to leave something out of my suitcase. What simplicity... why hadn't anyone thought of it before? Mind you, this was a dozen years ago, the Internet was in its infancy,  and there were no cruise-specific packing lists making the rounds. No lists at ALL, in fact. So I devised one with everything I could think of and, when fellow cruisers on Prodigy, AOL, CompuServe, and the newsgroup heard about it, my email box was flooded with requests for "the packing list." Now, mind you, it contains just about everything anyone would need so there are many items you can just cross off.

Thus, my web site was originally created to share the packing lists! A new career was born and I now lecture on ships about packing light. Yes... it's true! I can pack everything I need for a two week cruise in an airline regulation size carry-on and my backpack purse.

A cruise is unlike a resort vacation. There's no local supermarket or drugstore to pop into when you need something. Although many ships stock a variety of sundries these days, they can cost considerably more than comparable items at home.

I hope the lists and articles linked from the right-hand column here are helpful to you. If so, let me know. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear that as well.

Bon Voyage!
Linda Coffman, the Cruise Diva 
(& Packing Guru)


The Cruise Planning Timeline Practical considerations to take care of before your cruise

Cruise Travel First Aid Kit Be prepared for small emergencies.

Have DUCK Tape, Will Travel - A cruise travel necessity.

Cruise Luggage
What to consider when selecting luggage

Packing for Women
The original list and a printable version.

Packing for Men
Special needs for guys and a printable version.

Packing for Babies
From a Mom & Pediatrician

Planning & Packing Tips for Cruisers
Organizing before you even open your suitcase.

Printable Lists:

Packing It In
Scale down your needs. It CAN be done!

Cruise Wear
Your cruise wardrobe.

Cool Cruising
Get ready to go north to Alaska and other cold climates.

Alaska Packing Suggestions
Special requirements for Alaska cruises.

HOT Cruise Tips
Little hints to make your cruise more enjoyable.

Cruise Diva's FOCUS is on Cruise Fashion & Packing - Trim Your Wardrobe, Pack Light—Be Fashionable & Practical

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