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Cruise Diva's FOCUS is on
Cruise Fashion & Smart Packing

I packed for a 15-night cruise using just one airline regulation size rolling carry on bag and a backpack-style purse. Once on board the ship, I demonstrated to my fellow passengers how I accomplished it. Before I began, they expressed skepticism. Then I began unpacking that small carry on suitcase and immediately had a room full of believers. 

In that rolling bag and lightweight backpack was the entire wardrobe I NEEDED for a lengthy cruise. What's more, I had choices and I always felt fashionably attired. As an added benefit, I didn't have to worry about my luggage being lost—I had everything with me.

You don't have to go to the extreme of packing everything in one carry on, but you can use the same principles to pack less and stretch your wardrobe. Pick a basic color and build your cruise ensembles around it. Add a neutral color to mix in and an accent color for a bit of flair. Viola! You can probably get by with just one pair of evening shoes!!

Get ready to pack less and still be well dressed. Here's how...

Narrow down your cruise wardrobe selections a bit by following this advice from the New York Post --

"There's lots to choose from... designers including Calvin Klein and Tom Ford predicted the move toward subdued party clothes."

Following is a quick look at what's in and out:

Matte jersey and silk
High, demure collars
Simple jewelry (pearls)
Bare shoulders
Bright colors
Shiny, sheer fabrics
Necklines cut down-to-there
Sequins and rhinestones
Bare bellies

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Cruise Diva Picks:

TravelSmith - Where you'll find the clothing & accessories preferred by veteran cruisers. Browse their reversible outfits and online specials.

Lands' End - THE source for smart and stylish travel clothing, polos, shorts, swimwear, luggage, accessories & more for the entire family.

Packing for Secure Travel:

Hints from Magellan's Catalog, the choice of serious travelers

Your Checked Luggage: Organize!!! Using packing organizers makes things much easier if security should need to check inside your bag. If you pack with Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes or Pack-It Folders, it is easy for authorities to inspect bit-by-bit, rather than riffling through a whole pile of clothes. If you can find problem items quickly, you'll be able to finish an inspection faster.

Your Carry-on: Take less stuff. Expect to have your carry-on bags thoroughly searched and take as few things as possible. Put all your little essentials, like 3-oz. containers of liquids and gels, inside a one-quart zipper top plastic bag and tuck it into an easily accessible pock of your larger tote or cabin bag--you'll have to take it out and put it through the x-ray machine separately. You may find it's easier to choose a bag without lots of small pockets to empty and reload in the event your carry-on is selected for the full search treatment.

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