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Have DUCK Tape, Will Travel

by Linda Coffman

So, your bags are packed and you're ready to cruise? Haven't you forgotten something?

If you didn't slip a roll of Duck Tape into your tote bag, you are leaving your home port without one of a cruise traveler's handiest "necessities." Yes, this is NOT your father's duct tape (its generic name) and it no longer belongs in the garage.

Some of its more mundane uses are luggage repair (fix a broken hinge with ease) and security (baggage handlers won't tamper with Duck Tape, it's too much trouble). Wrapped in Duck Tape, your luggage is easy to spot in terminals as well. For individuality, Flat Pack Duck Tape comes in black, yellow, pink, orange, green, and camouflage, as well as the traditional silver.

For even higher suitcase visibility, there is Duck Tape in snazzy neon colors: yellow, orange, and pink. It's water resistant (an important feature for ocean travelers!) and can serve as an indestructible "luggage tag." Just write your name and address on the vinyl backing, which has the feel of cloth tape. Best of all, this tape is easy to tear by hand and you don't need to cut it with scissors, an airline no-no in carryon bags these days.. 

On Land & Afloat
There are literally thousands of uses for Duck Tape and many more than I could possibly list. Every homeowner knows that when something is supposed to stick together and it doesn't, nothing holds like Duck Tape. What about at sea? Is the bottom ready to fall out of your cabin’s vanity drawer? Tape it until the carpenter arrives. You’re a late sleeper and the drapes don’t quite close? Keep the sun at bay by taping them together. Everyone has had the stitching in a hem unravel at the last minute. Duck Tape to the rescue! There are bottle lids to secure, rattles to silence, drawers that won't stay shut when the ship is rolling, and dozens of other little things that "happen" when you least expect them.

One of Duck Tape's most creative uses is as a replacement for an "uplifting" foundation garment. Under low cut or backless dresses, or when a brassiere just won't work with a gown, create your own Wonder Duck Bra. I can personally verify that Duck Tape sticks well for hours and peels off without pain. Best of all... the variety of colors means more coordinating choices and even less chance of a sliver of silver tape peeping from a black décolleté neckline.

Duck Tape now covers the net! Join the Duck Tape Club and visit the Official Duck Products web site for more ideas.


Illustrations: Courtesy of Manco, Inc.

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