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Tips for Selecting a Cruise Ship Cabin
Inside or Outside. Balcony Stateroom or Suite. Take a look at all the accommodations available before choosing yours.

A Cruise vs. Resort Cost Comparison
"Which will be kinder to my vacation budget?" Many would-be cruise passengers are often surprised to discover that a cruise isn't as costly as they may have perceived. Don't just take my word for it, though. Let's crunch some numbers.

Gentlemen Hosts®
As I prepared for the Captain's Reception on Silver Whisper, song lyrics from my teenage years ran through my mind... "little wallflower on the shelf, standing by herself." Was it worth going through the formal night ritual of makeup, hair, a gown & heels? Would anyone ask me to dance?

Accessible Cruise Travel
Designed from the keel up with the special needs of disabled passengers in mind, new cruise ships are opening the world to guests with mobility, sight, and breathing impairments.

Beautiful Bermuda
The inevitable first question everyone asks is about the beaches, "Is the sand really pink?"  Yes, it is--and the water is crystal clear.

The Cruise Planning Timeline
The sailing date for your dream cruise is drawing near and it's time to take care of some practical considerations. You're getting ready to cruise—these are the things to do and a schedule of when to do them.

Cool Cruise Destinations
Alaska, Norway's North Cape, and other cool cruise destinations require additional planning and packing expertise. Look at Alaska with Linda Coffman and the North Cape with Mary Ann Rizzo.

Cruise Ships & Drydock
Cruise lines are anxious to keep their entire fleets in mint condition and for cruise ships, the equivalent of a trip to a health spa is a drydock. A look behind the scenes at a Crystal Symphony drydock makeover.

Cruise Lines
So many ships, so little time... how do you decide which cruise line and ship to choose? Information to help find the perfect cruise vacation to suit your lifestyle.

Cruise Fashion & Smart Packing
Stretch your wardrobe and learn to pack it smart and small.

Safety & Security
Ships, airports, and ports of call. On board and ashore: security measures and safety concerns for today's cruise passengers.

"Where Love Lives"--Get to know Tahiti and her people

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