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Cruise Travel Safety & Security

Barcelona rescue workers "evacuate" a cruise ship during a joint Disaster Response Simulation

Memory of the terrible events of September 11, 2001 may have diminished, but a trip to any airport these days reveals security measures we aren't likely to see lessen soon. Things we more or less took for granted in the past seem lost to a more carefree time. As we move freely about our own country and take steps into other parts of the world, safety and security are the focus of heightened concern for many.

Should you travel? No one can make that decision for you. Immediately after 9/11, it seemed prudent to stay put. Some people canceled their cruising plans and no one was critical of their choice. Everyone has to live within their own zone of comfort and Americans in increasing numbers are presently taking to the sky and sea.

We travel for many different reasons. Some people have a thirst for exploration and cultural enrichment, while others simply need the relaxation and tranquility of a vacation. Travel brings us together with people of many nations and promotes understanding of foreign cultures. My comfort level tells me to do what I love best--travel on ships. To that end, I haven't altered my plans over the years; however, I have changed my expectations. 

A simple trip to the airport isn't as simple as it once was. Preparation and planning are more important than ever. 

Flying the Friendlier Skies

Port Security

Security measures are to ease your mind about flight safety. What to expect at your embarkation port and ports of call.

Identifying Yourself

Safety Onboard

If you haven't done it already, isn't it about time to get a passport? The muster drill and beyond--crews take safety and security seriously.

Stay Safe in Ports of Call


Getting away from it all shouldn't mean getting into trouble. Cover your bases and insure yourself & your cruise investment.

Packing for Secure Travel

Hints from Magellan's Catalog, the choice of serious travelers:

Your Checked Luggage: Organize!!! Using packing organizers makes things much easier if security should need to check inside your bag. If you pack with Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes or Pack-It Folders, it is easy for authorities to inspect bit-by-bit, rather than riffling through a whole pile of clothes. If you can find problem items quickly, you'll be able to finish an inspection faster.

Your Carry-on: Take less stuff  Expect to have your carryon bags thoroughly searched and take as few things as possible. Try putting all your little things, like pens and lipsticks, into Pack-It Sacs or Pack-It Cubes, inside a larger tote or cabin bag. This will make it much easier to empty and re-pack your bag. You may find it's easier to choose a bag without lots of small pockets to empty and reload.

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Archive of FOCUS Articles

Cruise News -- The latest information regarding cruise lines and ports.

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