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~Linda's Cruise Diva Packing List~

Cruise Packing for Men

The first question women ask me is, "Will my husband need a tuxedo?" The answer to that lies in part with the gentleman himself.

While a tuxedo isn't 100% necessary, it's a refreshing change to see our significant others in their very best bib and tucker. My husband packs his own bags, or at least stages them for me. For a seven day cruise, here are his necessities and some "extras" suggested by cruising friends. Typically a week-long cruise includes two formal nights, one or two informal nights, and three or four casual nights. The informal/casual nights vary from ship to ship--check your documents and adjust your list accordingly.

Night Life

Formal Shirt(s)
Tie, Cummerbund & Belt
Shoes & Black Socks
or Dark Business Suit & Accessories

Sport Coat (to be worn on the plane)
Shirts (2) & Ties (2)
Shoes & Dark Socks
Slacks & Belt

Polo/Golf Shirts (3)
Shoes (Socks Optional)

Day Wear

Tee Shirts or Polo Shirts
Swim wear (2)
Tennis shoes & socks

Other Wear

Boxers or Briefs
Hat or Cap


Shaving kit (his includes what he needs)
Reading glasses
MP3 player & charger
Cell phone & charger
Thermal insulated mug
Travel clock
Short, multi-plug extension cord or power strip
Notebook & pen
Prescription & OTC medicines
Strapping tape/duct tape
Cable ties
Small flashlight and/or night light

If you simply can't leave it behind, bring along your laptop and stay in touch by taking advantage of the wireless connections most ships now feature.

By nature, a shaving kit is a personal thing. Manly nostrums aren't the sort we women truly understand. Men know instinctively what they can't get by without, though it wouldn't hurt to check his shaving kit to be certain his deodorant and shaving cream containers aren't empty. How anyone can get by with a simple toothbrush and razor is simply beyond my comprehension.

Their lists are shorter than ours, right? Yes, because we'll share our hairdryers and things like cameras and first aid remedies. Now, are you shaking your head over some of the "stuff" listed? You'll just have to trust me on some of those items. The first time a luggage repair is accomplished with a bit of strapping tape, he'll beam at pride for this bit of foresight. Just make him leave the power tools at home. No doubt the ship's engineers have their own drill bits.

PS - Pack light and use the ship's laundry/dry cleaning service.  Hint: They do a SUPERB job on pleated formal shirts!

Want to print this list?  Here's a "printable page"

Do you have a favorite packing idea? Have I left something out that you feel is absolutely essential?  and let me know!

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