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The Telegraphs Cruise Guide to Nassau

Nassau Festival Place
Festival Place, Nassau

Despite sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, Nassau, located on New Providence Island is widely regarded as the cruise capital of the Caribbean. It’s easy to understand why, as this lively hub has lots to offer in the way of extravagance and luxury. The tropical climate is also quite an attraction. Some cruise lines have even bought their own private islands in the Bahamian archipelago, for the exclusive use of their passengers.

Cruisers porting at Nassau will disembark onto a lively welcome centre, Festival Place, which resembles a bustling Bahamian village. Here you can visit local stalls selling arts and crafts, or sample some of the island’s mouth-watering cuisine, such as pineapple & coconut tart or locally made ice cream. Though Festival Place is an exhilarating first taste of Nassau, you will probably be keen to quickly explore more of this stunning island.

There are many ways to get around Nassau, including motor scooter, taxi and ‘jitney’ (a small motorized vehicle). One of the most popular methods of transports for tourists, is to ride through the island on a surrey. Most journeys last around 20 minutes, and depart straight from the cruise terminal.

The centre of Nassau has lots to offer if your stay on the island is short and you want to take in as much as possible. Parliament Square is a popular draw for touristslocated on the city’s hub of Bay Street. This impressive square is home to the Queen Victoria statue and pastel pink Georgian buildings that are a reminder of the island’s colonial history.

You may also want to explore Paradise Island, which is a 10 minute taxi ride over the connecting bridge. The island is a slow, relaxed environment, though certainly not lacking in luxury. Paradise Island is home to a world class golf course, and the tropical Atlantis Island hotel and resort. Inspired by ancient Atlantis, this sprawling display of elegance and grandiose is a sight not to be missed.

Though Nassau is well known for its bustling centre, there are more peaceful areas of the island you can explore. If you are willing to take a taxi and leave the city behind, there are many quieter, hidden settlements waiting to welcome you.

If you only have a short time in Nassau, you may want to sample some of the culinary delights the island has to offer. Seafood is a big part of Bahamian cuisine, and conch is particular favorite amongst locals. Many restaurants serve conch in a variety of ways, including fritters or as an addition to salads. Gourmet lovers may wish to head to the Graycliff restaurant and hotel. A former pirate haunt, this is home to one of the Bahamas top gourmet spots, offering a mix of Bahamian and French cuisine. Delicious seafood makes up a large part of the tempting menu, including lobster tails and crab claws.

However you choose to explore the islandwhether you are keen to explore as much as possible, or prefer to relax on the island’s luxurious beaches, you are sure to have a holiday that will leave you wanting more. The Telegraph Cruise Guide has more on Nassau and Caribbean Cruises if you want to find out how to make the most of your cruise holiday.

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