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Carnival Legend
Caribbean Cruise Review

by Clemente Maglione

Carnival Legend Cruise ReviewEmbarkation was a breeze. Took a limo to the pier. (And home for only $100 more than I would have paid for parking). We were dropped off at Noon. Got to the blue chairs at 12:15. We were worried because we were in the back. However, we were in our cabin by 1PM. The ship sailed almost three hours late. That was no problem since we had our lunch at the Unicorn Café and proceeded to explore the ship. I must say the layout was very easy to learn. We spent the remainder of the time sitting on our balcony until the ship left port at 6PM. We took the usual photo's Statue of Liberty etc. 

Dining and service were great throughout. After the first night our waiter and helper remembered our preferences and anticipated our requests. The Golden Fleece was absolutely fantastic and worth double the $30 per person. The Unicorn Cafe was great and rarely did we wait on line. My wife especially enjoyed the picture windows and panorama over breakfast and lunch. Tip: we had the late seating (8:15). Each night I would go to the Unicorn Café about 6PM and bring some cheese and appetizers back to the cabin. 

The pools were somewhat crowded and chair saving is a problem if you are an early riser. Which we were not. We got to the adult pool about 2PM and the early crowd had had just about enough of sitting in the sun. 

Entertainment was very good. However, only two of the shows were great. One small complaint though. After the late show (11:30) we would go to Satchmo's Lounge for live music and dancing. Well by the time we got there and the remainder of the crowd got warmed up it was about 12:30 and the band promptly stopped at 1AM. I suggested to Carnival in my review that if there are more than 50 people drinking and dancing that the band should continue playing. However, we found ways to entertain ourselves.

Excursions: San Juan we should have stayed on the ship. St. Thomas was the best. We have a friend who lives in St. Thomas overlooking Magen's Bay. The condo is the equivalent to living in a postcard. Tortola never left the ship. Late risers you know. 

Casino: Was very nice. I even won. Can't believe it.

Disembarking: I am glad I checked reviews before we left. On the day of arrival we did not wake up until 9AM. Brought breakfast back to the cabin. Tipped the steward a little extra. He let us stay in our cabin until 10:30 when our color tag was announced. It took about fifteen minutes to get to our luggage, at which time I called our limo driver who was waiting nearby. By the time we got our luggage to the curb he was there waiting. 

All in all, it was our best vacation ever. 

P.S. There were the usual complainers. But those people would probably complain about anything and everything.

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