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Garden Atrium

Carnival Liberty
May 2012
"Fun Ship" 2.0 Innovations
Part Two

Public Areas

Carnival Liberty is big and beautiful, with elegant and eclectic interiors. Crafts are an integral part of the decor and as designer Farcus explained, "I thought it would be interesting to explore a particular craft in each room and tie it in to the overall design of the ship." 

While some of Carnival Liberty's public spaces, both inside and out, changed names with the addition of "Fun Ship" 2.0 features, the lighted signage atop entryways to the promenade and other areas still reflect the former names. A handy pocket-sized deck plan available at the Guest Services Desk and the daily Fun Times schedule should be your guides to what's happening and where to find it.

At the heart of Carnival Liberty is the Garden Atrium where a number of crafts harmoniously blend to create an almost serene park-like setting. Beneath a 20-foot diameter black iron chandelier, passengers can enjoy cocktails at the Flowers lobby bar, take care of business at the Guest Services Desk, or discuss tour options with the Shore Excursion staff. The floral motif, ironwork grilles, and mini-chandeliers repeat the theme throughout the indoor promenade, which flows into other public spaces.

Harlequin Figures & Venice-style Striped Mooring Posts Flank the Venetian Palace Stage

Venetian Palace, the main show lounge, anchors three decks forward. Design elements capture the artistic variety of the romantic Italian city of canals and gondolas—Murano glass tiles cover the walls, carnival masks highlight the ceiling and tables, and harlequin figures appear to hold back the sparkly curtain on both sides of the stage. Tiered seating provides good seats on all three levels and views of the stage are obstructed by few columns.

The main promenade on Deck 5 connects the entries to a variety of lounges and public rooms, each with a distinctive style reflected in the decor:

  • EA Sports Bar, originally named "Gloves," the bar no longer celebrates the craft of leatherworking—think of boxing gloves and cushy leather sofas in the form of catcher's mitts. Those are gone, but display cases still honor sports heroes. With the "Fun Ship" 2.0 upgrade and partnership with EA SPORTS, now you'll find a contemporary sports bar featuring a wall of video screens that continuously televise worldwide sporting events. It's also where you'll find regularly scheduled gaming events such as sports trivia competitions.

  • Czar's Palace Casino, trompe l'oile paintings expand the interior to mimic the great halls and gardens of famed Russian palaces.

  • Sushi Bar, displays traditional Japanese flower arrangements.

  • Jardin Cafe, the promenade patisserie spells out its purpose in thousands and thousands of tiny glass beads overhead and beneath the serving counter.

  • Hot & Cool Nightclub, a rollicking dance club set amid giant arms and legs that were once decorated with wild tattoo patterns. Thankfully, the arms and legs have been toned down with silvery paint.

  • Alchemy Bar, Originally the location of Paparazzi wine bar (honoring the modern art of photography), the new Alchemy Bar is Carnival’s vintage-themed cocktail “pharmacy”the go-to spot for a unique experience with interesting drink flavors and ingredients. Expert mixologists attired in pharmacists' white coats can “prescribe” concoctions from different categories or you can try your hand at creating your own custom cocktails. It's a very popular bar with the ladies.

  • Piano Man Bar, features ivory work and evening sing-alongs when the piano man tickles the ivories.

  • Stage Jazz Club, pays homage to woodworking (even the curtains simulate carved wood) and is the "in" spot for a brandy and cigar after dinner.

  • Victoria Aft Show Lounge, is a sophisticated cabaret lounge highlighted by English-style majolica pottery and is the venue for Carnival's popular Punchliner Comedy Club performances.

  • Without Batteries, the expansive Teen Dance Club and gaming center that recalls the days when toys were powered by kids, displays giant antique toys that (what else?) didn't need Duracell to make them fun.

  • The Fun Shops & Cherry on Top are a shoppers paradise afloat. You'll find just about anything you want and need inside the shops, including cruise wear, tobacco, liquor, jewelry, logo items, and miscellaneous toiletries you might have forgotten to pack. Cherry on Top is Carnival's newest "sweet" shop with a vast variety of goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's also where you can order special occasion cakes and flowers, and even arrange a "renewal of vows" ceremony during your cruise.

Deck 4 is where you'll find:

  • Antiquarian Library with a modest selection of books and board games.

  • Cyberspace to surf the Internet if you didn't bring your own laptop to capture the ship-wide WiFi signal.

  • The Cabinet, an inviting hideaway decorated with cabinetry work in the Biedermeier style (popular in mid-1800s Austria and Germany) has vast, yet cozy seating spaces.

  • Photo Gallery, where you'll find the photographs snapped throughout the cruise by the ship's phtographers.

Liberty's Lido with Big Screen Entertainment
& Deck Parties

On Deck 3 are the self-explanatory:

  • Guest Services Desk
  • Shore Excursion Desk
  • Lobby Bar
  • Persian Card Room

With so many stimulating areas to explore, don't overlook my favorites among the multi-million dollar art collection: the tropical themed murals by Virginia Ferrara that grace the stair landings. Inspired by the artist's adopted home state of Florida, they measure up to six feet high and fifteen feet wide and are calming scenes filled with palm trees, beaches, hammocks, and swimming pools. 

And... I've saved the best for last. Hovering over the mid-lido Tivoli Pool area is the Seaside Theater, a huge light-emitting diode (LED) screen, the first featured on a Carnival ship.  Programming includes not only music videos, but also news broadcasts, movies, cartoons, and games.

At night the Tivoli Pool Deck area comes alive with deck parties featuring dancing, contests, prizes and giveaways. Themed for the "competing" bars on opposite sides of the pool, red is the color to wear to RedFrog’s Caribbean Beach Party and naturally blue is de rigueur for BlueIguana’s Mexican Fiesta. Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday aboard Carnival Liberty with a Mardi Gras party and hot Dixieland jazz in the atrium.

For Active Lifestyles
Staffed by Steiner Leisure, the Spa on Deck 11 boasts a full menu of salon treatments and spa indulgences. For those who can't miss a daily workout, the Gym sports state-of-the art equipment and a wide range of exercise classes. The entire gym has incredible sea views, but if your workout includes nothing more strenuous than time in the sauna or steam room, you won't be shortchanged—they each have glass walls and endless vistas. Joggers and walkers can complete laps on the uninterrupted jogging track's cushioned surface aft on Deck 11 (nine times around equals a mile).

Adults-only Serenity Deck    

If sunning is your thing, the Tivoli Pool area has two pools and ample deck chairs on terraced landings with three nearby hot tubs There is additional lounging space surrounding the quieter Versailles Pool aft that, with its two hot tubs, is reserved for adults over 18. There's even more room for relaxation one deck up overlooking the action. New on Carnival Liberty is the two deck Serenity Deck, the quiet spot reserved for adults that has loungers, shaded clam-shell seating, and two more hot tubs. Nearby bars serve soft drinks, beer, and cocktails in both pool locations and the adults-only Serenity Deck. In the midst of the action at the Tivoli Pool are the Caribbean-themed RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar. Guy's Burger Joint, the BlueIguana Cantina, and ice cream serving stations are adjacent as well so you won't lose sun tanning time if you get a case of the munchies.

For a quick thrill, try the 214 foot long twisting waterslide!

Camp Carnival
With record numbers of families setting sail on cruise vacations, Carnival Liberty's Camp Carnival counselors are prepared. The 4,200-square foot play area is dedicated to delighting youngsters with structured activities tailored for specific age groups. Toys, games, computers, a children's pool... and, most importantly, the trained counselors—Camp Carnival provides an entertaining, educational, and safe environment for kid-fun.

Teenagers 15 to 17 years old can opt to participate in a wide range of sports, dance parties, and entertainment options offered in the Club O2 program or simply hang out with new-found pals in Without Batteries, the adult-free 1,800-square foot teen game room/dance club. For 'Tweens 12-14, the Circle C club has equally appealing activities designed for their age group.

Tiny beads by the thousands spell CAFE

The Carnival Liberty Experience...
Should satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest passenger—there's a little something to appeal to everyone. When you're not ashore exploring the ports of call, if nothing appeals to you, there's always your private balcony, a quiet corner to read, or a deck chair from which to contemplate the sea. 

What You WILL Find:

  • Activities to suit a wide range of interests for all ages

  • Tasty meals, creatively presented

  • Service by a friendly staff

  • Numerous triple and quad staterooms suitable for families

  • Attention to accessibility for the physically challenged

  • Well stocked duty free shops

  • A meeting room for corporate functions, weddings, and religious celebrations

  • A computer center and ship-wide WiFi connectivity for laptop users

  • Huge, well-equipped areas for children, 'tweens, and teenagers

  • Some of the most professional entertainment afloat, presented by the Carnival Liberty production team and guest performers

  • Self-service passenger laundry rooms with ironing facilities

  • Stroller rentals and group babysitting services

  • Fountain Fun Cards for children and adults, which provide unlimited soft drinks throughout the cruise for a one-time, flat fee

  • Gratuities are automatically added to all accounts, but can be adjusted as deemed appropriate

  • Fun, fun, fun!

What You WON'T Find:

  • Boredom

Fast Stats

  • 110,000 tons

  • 952 feet long

  • 116 feet wide

  • Speed 22.5 knots

  • 2,974 guests, double occupancy

  • 3,700 total guest capacity (including uppers)

The Spirit of FUN Permeates Carnival Liberty
Carnival Liberty
sails alternating one-week Eastern & Western Caribbean cruises from Miami. 

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