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September 30 2006

by Dave & Wanda

This was our third cruise this year, first time on Carnival Cruise Lines. We boarded Sunday September 24, 2006 around 12:30 PM and went to our room, E-68 (a handicap room) at 1:30 PM. The first thing we noticed was our carpet was wet and there was no ice. I called for ice and it was brought an hour later. I told the room steward about the carpet and he said he would have someone check it out for us, but no one ever showed up. So towels went down on the floor. We went to dinner and it wasn’t bad, the buffet for lunch was so-so

Monday September 25: Monday morning we arrived in Freeport. Before we left the ship I went to the information desk and told them about the carpet and asked to be moved to a different room if they could not dry out the floor. We returned to the ship about six hours later to find no ice and still had a wet floor. I called for ice again and told them about the floor again, this time it was worst then before, we were told it was because we had a handicapped room and there was no ledge to stop the water from coming out of the shower, so that a wheelchair can roll into it. (We have had several Handicapped rooms in the passed and never had this happen) and the only way to stop it was to not use the shower. I went back to the information desk and told them what the room steward told us and they said they would send a plumber, he arrive at 10:30 PM looked around and told us he would come back in the morning and see if he could fix the shower, towels went back on the floor. Formal night was lobster, it was so tough we could not cut it with the knife. We did not eat it; the rest of the food was alright. Very few people dressed up for dinner.

Tuesday September 26: Tuesday morning we arrived at Nassau and left the ship around 10:00 to go shopping and do some sight seeing, we were in Nassau last October so we were not gone that long. We returned to the ship and returned to our room at 2:30 to rest for a few hours before dinner. The room was never made up, and the floor was still wet. I complained again and ask to be moved to a different room. They came at 3:00 PM to make up the room and brought ice this time. Towels went back down on the floor. We went to dinner and were given a bottle of wine from the cruise line for our troubles and later that night we got a letter with a 15% off offer on our next cruise. We had steak for dinner and it was very good. Lunch was the buffet again just so-so.

Wednesday September 27: Last day on the ship was a long day of cruising home. The carpet was still damp; they told us they fixed the shower. We were happy to be on our way home at last. The food was not that great the entertainment was only good two of the four nights. And the room steward was the worst we have ever had. Dinner was not that great.

It was a good thing there was a Pizza Bar open 24 hours and Sandwich Bar until 11:00 PM as we ate at them more then once. There were hamburgers and hot dogs most of the time. We tried the hamburgers one time but they were over cooked and dried out.

We have never seen so many bare feet, even in the dining room. As for dressing for dinner, forget it, jean shorts and tank tops were just fine. I could not believe they were allowed to enter the dining room dressed that way. The pools and spas closed every night at 10:30 PM. Local TV stations were from Denver, CO. Why??? I don’t think we will cruise Carnival Cruise Lines again, at lease not anytime soon. We will be cruising again next month on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas.

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Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

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