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Liberty of the Seas
Even MORE Freedom to 
"Get Out There"

Part Two 

by Linda Coffman

While athletic passengers can pack a lot of action entertainment into their cruise by surfing, rock-climbing, and ice skating, what about those who either can't or don't care to participate in the more strenuous activities? Is there anything besides Bingo and video arcade games? Yes! Indeed, there's a whole lot more for everyone.

Getting Out There Actively, Or Not
The beauty of a cruise is that there's a lot to do for passengers of all ages, abilities, and interests.

For kids, Adventure Ocean programs are broken down into five age groups, with appropriate activities and facilities designed for each group. Don't get the idea that this is floating day-care, though. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and can take part in family trivia sessions and scavenger hunts, a mini-golf tournament, make a snowman (with ice from Studio B) or a volcano, and even join forces to build their own wooden cruise ship in a Lowe's Build & Grow workshop complete with pre-cut kits, hammers, safety goggles, and a tool apron. Although I didn't have a child to work along with me, I think my ship turned out pretty sleek.

Less than talented with any arts and crafts, I hesitated to join in the scrapbooking class until encouraged by the instructor that "there's no way to make a mistake." Okay, I could do this... especially with the nifty kit full of colorful paper and cut-out letters to jump start the project. To personalize their pages even more, students could use fancy scissors, punches in an array of shapes, and color markers. On one-week cruises there are three sessions and the complimentary kits come three page themes: boarding day, formal night, and beach day. Since my class was beach day, I used photos taken of surfers on board and the tender landing at Coco Cay. Maybe I'm not Rembrandt, but how about Picasso?

Emboldened by my 'success' at scrapbooking, I also tried my hand at jewelry design. Some participants took their creations quite seriously and the results were lovely necklaces and bracelets. However, the brightest beads caught my eye and before I knew it, I'd completed a colorful, sporty bracelet. Not exactly chic, I nevertheless had a feeling of accomplishment and a personalized memento of my cruise.

Sounds like there's nothing for the guys... not true. Aside from the golf simulator and boxing ring, they can get a shave and a haircut, attend a wine tasting seminar, or kick back with Royal Legendary Belgian Ale, a flavorful brew found only on Royal Caribbean ships. (In the interest of research, I tried it and it's now my on board beverage of choice with Sorrento's pizza.)

Get On Board
Irregardless of whether you select the Eastern or Western Caribbean itinerary for your Liberty of the Seas cruise, you'll experience the traditional Royal Caribbean cruise style with assigned tables in two dining room seatings and formal nights... or maybe not. With so many choices and so many new things to try, it's possible to tailor your cruise to your lifestyle. Think of Liberty of the Seas as your home-away-from-home where you decide what to do on your cruise vacation.

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Freedom of the Seas, a Freedom-class introduction

Photos: © Linda Coffman

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