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"Time Together" Tops Men's (but not Women's) Valentine's Day Gift Desires

Survey Uncovers Surprising 
"He Said/She Said" Revelations

From Princess Cruises Cruise Romance at Sea

Are men more sentimental than we think? Surprisingly, men are more likely than women to value time together for Valentine's Day, according to a Valentine's Day survey conducted by Princess Cruises. And, contrary to conventional wisdom, men are actually more (not less) in touch with knowing which gifts their partners most want to receive.

The results of the national survey illustrate that at least one day each year men prove to be the more romantic of the sexes. Candy, time together/love or a card/note are men's most desired gifts, while time together/love ranked fifth on women's lists, and a card/note barely registered at all (coming in at a measly two percent). Women overwhelmingly preferred to receive jewelry or flowers.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gift giving, men are more attuned to women's gift preferences than women are to men's. The top five gifts men tend to give are jewelry, flowers, candy/chocolate, dinner, and a trip/vacation—a direct correlation to what women desire. Women, on the other hand, seem to think that men want jewelry, candy, dinner, trip/vacation or clothes, which is far off from the men's actual desire of time together or a card/note.

Valentine's Day Gift Desires

What Men Want

  • Candy/Chocolate — 11%

  • Time Together/Love — 10%

  • Card/Note/Letter — 9%

  • Car/Truck/Boat/
    Plane/Motorcycle — 8%

  • Jewelry/Watch — 6%

What Women Want

  • Jewelry/Watch — 30%

  • Flowers — 27%

  • Candy/Chocolate — 8%

  • Trip/Vacation — 6%

  • Time Together/Love — 4%


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