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Linda Coffman


Cruise Diva's CRUISE DIARY
~ Grand Princess Caribbean ~

by Linda & Mel Coffman

Grand Cayman—Wednesday
Everyone tenders ashore in Grand Cayman and once again we were very pleased with the flawless tender operation. We weren't too keen on the sight of three other really big ships at anchor with us, though. George Town was as crowded as the local mall during holiday shopping season.

Grand Princess at anchor
 off Grand Cayman

She said: We've been to Grand Cayman a number of times and decided against an excursion this time. I want to shop for a few gifts.

He said: Whatever you buy, you have to carry.

She said: It's a deal. Follow us. Deb wants to go to the Bernard Passman Gallery to see the black coral jewelry. We can look over his latest sculptures. I'm just window shopping there... what I'm buying are rum cakes.

He said: There's a bar overlooking the tender landing that has a balcony and ceiling fans.

She said: Breezes by the Bay—a perfect spot to sit and have something cool to drink.

Sabatini's Trattoria

Back on board Grand Princess, we ate a light lunch in anticipation of our dinner reservation at Sabatini's Trattoria. 

Dining in Sabatini's is an uncommon treat and well worth the $20 per person cover charge. Our waitress was a delight, explaining each dish as she presented it to us. We appreciated her attention to detail and the considerate manner in which she served portions to our liking—a bit more of one dish, a lesser amount of another.

The food just kept coming and coming... our expectations were certainly exceeded. Delicious food and warm, attentive service, what more could we ask for? (Thank goodness they no longer automatically serve a pizza course!)

He said: I don't normally care for meals that last over two hours, but that one was so enjoyable that I didn't notice the time.

She said: My shorts and slacks have elastic waistbands and I hope they still fit!

We were so sated, we could barely make it to Tropical Island Night and we sure didn't have room for the tempting Island Night Buffet in Horizon Court.

Mayan Pyramid at Chacchoben

Majahual, Mexico 
(Costa Maya)
In July I visited the Mayan ruins at Chacchoben and suggested that Mel would find the tour extremely interesting. Instead of repeating the excursion, I stayed at Puerto Costa Maya to see the folkloric show in the amphitheater and to shop in the boutiques and the palapa house where local craftsmen make and sell their wares. We met in our stateroom after Mel's tour in order to go back ashore together.

He said: I thought the tour was good, what there was of it. I'm still wet.

She said: What?

He said: It rained. No, it didn't just rain—after we walked around the first pyramid and saw a bit of the rain forest and unexcavated areas it poured.

The day was glorious in Puerto Costa Maya and it was sunny and hot in mid-afternoon so Mel changed into dry clothing (he was still soaked!) and we went ashore for snacks in the beachfront bar/restaurant. Excellent guacamole and chips, washed down with local beer.

Bottom balcony... E728

She said: Grand Princess was the only ship in port and we had the entire complex to ourselves. Quite a few passengers took advantage of the beach and swimming area to the right of the pier. Our friends took a cab to Majahual and spent the day at the beach there where they had massages on the beach. We were envious of their idyllic day... but I found perfect silver and onyx earrings so my shopping was a success.

He said: I highly recommend buying an inexpensive rain poncho to put in your backpack for just such occasions, especially when you are going into a rain forest during rainy season!

Once again our group of six met in the Wheelhouse Bar and proceeded to dinner at our own pace. There was no wait at all for a table in the Michelangelo Dining Room. We're really enjoying Personal Choice. We could make a reservation, or have the bartender call down to reserve a table for us, but there hasn't been a need to do so.

It was an evening for a variety of activities as well—music for dancing, London Pub Night, and comedy—not only in the Cabaret Show, but also jokes presented by our fellow passengers.

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