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The Newsletter for Cruise Travelers

December 30, 2001

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So many ships, so little time...

Norwegian Star in MiamiIn the midst of explosive industry growth, who would have thought that cruise lines would founder? I certainly couldn't have predicted the demise of Renaissance Cruises and American Classic Voyages. 

On the flip side, 2001 saw the launch of incredible new tonnage, tons of choice, and the rising importance of close-to-home ports of embarkation. Take a look back at  2001, The Cruise Year in Review & A Peek At 2002.

Cruise News Briefs

The biggest bombshell of the year (outside Kabul) had to be the announcement that Royal Caribbean International and P&O Princess Cruises plan a merger that will make the new company the world's largest cruise vacation group with the most modern fleet among the major cruise companies. Ho hum... well, that's old news, right? Wrong! Carnival Cruise Line isn't about to take losing their world's "biggest" cruise line moniker lying down and has initiated its own bid to woo Princess Cruises' shareholders into accepting a merger. Hold on to your life vests, cruise fans... the outcome of the Royal Caribbean/Princess union is still in doubt.

The Norwegian Star, Norwegian Cruise Line's new flagship, went down in history in 2001 as the ship paying the highest single toll ever collected at the Panama Canal when she forked over $208,653 to pass through the waterway during her maiden voyage. Her 2,226 passengers sailed from Miami to Cartagena, Colombia, last month and passed through the Canal on her way to the Mexican Riviera resort of Acapulco. Measuring 965 feet long and 105 feet wide, the Norwegian Star ranks among the largest cruise ships ever to sail through the Canal. However, officials stated it was the weight of her passengers and cargo that determined the record high toll. Ships passing through the Canal pay a toll based on their size and weight and the Norwegian Star broke the previous record toll of $164,000 paid by Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas last March. (Above photo--Norwegian Star in Miami)

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  • Enjoy "Daytime Dreams, Nighttime Sun" by Jim MacQueen. A delightful review of the Norwegian Sun cruise of December 8-15, 2001.

  • Vincent and Mary Finelli report that "the Adventure of the Seas is unique due to the exquisite decor and refinement of her interiors, all enhanced by beautiful holiday decorations." Their review is just like sailing along!

  • Veteran passengers Earl & Virginia regained their sea legs on Rhapsody of the Seas, sailing to the Western Caribbean from Galveston. They demonstrate that special medical situations can be overcome and cruise travel is possible with proper planning. 

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Linda Coffman, Editor & Hostess

"The world's best islands are the ones that float and move. 
  They're called cruise ships." ~ Cruise Diva

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Norwegian Star Photo Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line