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Cruise Reviews by Cruise Diva & Contributors

Ships listed in alphabetical order from K to N:

Lammer Law -- An ecotourism cruising adventure to discover the Galapagos on Quasar Nautica's Lammer Law, by Stewart B. Nelson, Ph.D.

Liberty of the Seas -- an "encore" sailing by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Liberty of the Seas -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Liberty of the Seas -- a preview cruise with Cruise Diva

Maasdam -- Journey to the Northern Isles by Mary Ann Rizzo

Maasdam -- Cynthia Marr offers a unique comparison review

Maasdam -- With Mary & Vincent Finelli in the Western Caribbean

Maasdam -- With Patti & Tony in the Western Caribbean

Mariner of the Seas -- by Joe Reynolds

Mariner of the Seas -- by George Hall

Mariner of the Seas -- Western Caribbean Review

Mariner of the Seas -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Mariner of the Seas -- by Margie Miklas

Millennium -- Transatlantic crossing by Sue Clark

Millennium -- Ultimate Caribbean/Adults Only Cruise by Sue Clark

Millennium -- Cynthia Marr offers a unique comparison review

Millennium, Eastern Caribbean -- an uncommon back-to-back cruise review by Sherry Lauson comparing Millennium to Grand Princess

Millennium, Eastern Caribbean -- a reunion cruise with Mary & Vincent Finelli

Millennium, Caribbean -- with Andy Taylor

Millennium, Western Caribbean -- with Mary & Vincent Finelli

MSC Lirica -- March 2007

MSC Lirica -- by Dale Griffen

MSC Opera -- by Amber Blecker

MSC Opera -- by Dave and Mary Bowman

MSC Orchestra -- with Cruise Diva, Linda Coffman

MSC Poesia -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

MSC Poesia -- with Cruise Diva, Linda Coffman

Nieuw Amsterdam -- with Robert W. Bone

Nieuw Amsterdam -- a new ship profile by Cruise Diva, Linda Coffman

Nautica -- the Eastern Mediterranean with John Nogg

Navigator of the Seas -- an Atlantic crossing by Vincent & Mary Finelli

Navigator of the Seas -- another review by Vincent & Mary Finelli

Navigator of the Seas -- by Lois Pyne

Navigator of the Seas -- by Kim Ragan

Navigator of the Seas -- by Scott Gryphon

Navigator of the Seas -- with Vincent & Mary Finelli

Noordam -- by Paul Murray

Noordam -- by Ed Schlenk

Norwegian Breakaway - Bermuda cruise review by Keith Henderson

Norwegian Breakaway Ship Review - by Keith Henderson

Norwegian Dawn -- by Vincent & Mary Finelli

Norwegian Dawn -- by Richard H. Wagner

Norwegian Dawn -- by Wayne Goldstein

Norwegian Dawn -- Warren Davis shares "From the Brink of Sunset, a Cruise Line Creates a New Dawn"

Norwegian Dawn -- with Greg "Pepe" Giese

Norwegian Dawn -- with Charles B & Holly

Norwegian Dawn -- by Dan Tobey

Norwegian Dawn -- with Linda Coffman, an illustrated preview

Norwegian Dream -- by Coley Coyne

Norwegian Dream -- a Scandinavian Capitals cruise by Jim Nordstrom

Norwegian Dream -- sailing around Cape Horn from Buenos Aries, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile with Vincent & Mary Finelli

Norwegian Dream -- sail the Baltic Capitals with Bruce Baldwin

Norwegian Epic -- a Cruise Diva cruise report

Norwegian Epic -- by Robert W. Bone

Norwegian Epic -- by Vincent & Mary Finelli

Norwegian Gem -- with Keith Henderson from San Juan

Norwegian Gem -- with Keith Henderson

Norwegian Gem -- a Cruise Diva preview by Linda Coffman

Norwegian Getaway - with Mary & Vincent Finelli

Norwegian Jade -- Mediterranean Diary by Keith Henderson

Norwegian Jade -- Eastern Mediterranean

Norwegian Jewel -- By Keith Henderson

Norwegian Jewel -- By Mary & Vincent Finelli

Norwegian Jewel -- a Cruise Diva "review" cruise by Linda Coffman

Norwegian Majesty -- Homeland Cruising comes to Charleston, SC

Norwegian Pearl -- By Mary & Vincent Finelli

Norwegian Pearl -- with Linda Carmi

Norwegian Pearl -- with Linda Coffman, a preview cruise

Norwegian Sky -- North to Alaska with Alan Swanson

Norwegian Sky -- with Jim, Kathy, and Chip MacQueen

Norwegian Sky -- The Great Group Cruise 2000 with Linda & Mel Coffman

Norwegian Star -- in Alaska with Heber M. Ball, Deep Blue Sea Travel

Norwegian Star -- Barry & Lori Cunningham share the ‘Garden Villa Review’

Norwegian Star -- Vincent & Mary Finelli review a Norwegian Star cruise through the Hawaiian Islands

Norwegian Star -- Armand Mantia reviews Norwegian Star in Hawaii

Norwegian Star -- sail along to Hawaii with Red Stripe & Einstein

Norwegian Star -- with Linda Coffman a preview with 40+ photos

Norwegian Star & Norwegian Sun -- by Anita Dunham-Potter

Norwegian Sun -- by Jacqueline Mosquera

Norwegian Sun -- by Kyle Trem

Norwegian Sun -- by Julie and Brian Wawryk

Norwegian Sun -- with Greg "Pepe"  Giese

Norwegian Sun -- Must-read review by MrTractor

Norwegian Sun -- by Mark Van Raam

Norwegian Sun -- by Anita Jackson

Norwegian Sun -- with Mike Kauffman, Western Caribbean itinerary

Norwegian Sun -- with Ray Quinn , Western Caribbean itinerary

Norwegian Sun -- with Jim McQueen, Daylight Dreams, Nighttime Sun

Norwegian Sun -- with Linda Coffman, an illustrated ship preview

The Norwegian Sun & Norwegian Star Shine in Miami -- Photo Story of Norwegian Cruise Line's Historic Dual Christening Ceremony 

Norwegian Sun -- with Linda & Jim Biancarosa on the Maiden Voyage


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