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Norwegian Sun Cruise Review
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Norwegian Sun
October 26, 2002

by Anita Jackson

First and foremost, I must say that your packing list and general information were excellent. Unfortunately, my husband didn't listen. It was his first cruise and he insisted on taking his tux, 2 suits, plus the sports jacket which he didn't wear on the plane so he, of course, had the jacket he wore on the plane which he didn't need once we arrived at the ship. Norwegian is Freestyle and resort casual is the norm. He was looking for a more traditional experience and planned to dress every evening but he didn't "get it" until the 3rd or 4th day which meant he returned home with several dress shirts, a suit, dress slacks and sports jacket he never wore.

The layout of the Sun was very frustrating as you could not always easily get to where you wanted to go. Our cabin was on the 8th level, Viking Deck, Aft and the elevator was easily accessible. However, in order to get to some of the locations (restaurants, pool, bars, Atrium, etc.) we had to either walk forward or go to another floor and walk forward. 

The cruise itself was quite enjoyable as we were part of the Jazz Club at Sea and had access to all of the regular activities plus lots and lots of music. It was very difficult to fit it all in but that's the beauty of cruising because you can either do it all or do nothing. 

Although there was plenty and a good variety, the food at the buffets was average and I felt as if I was in a cafeteria. There weren't many spectacular midnight buffets as I have experienced on other lines. The Chocoholics Buffet was the only one they offered during this cruise. The Seven Seas and Four Seasons restaurants were good and we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at both at various times during the week. We tried two of the premium restaurants--Le Bistro and Il Adagio. We had no problem with paying the cover charge. The ambiance and service were excellent. Le Bistro was so good we went back a second time. 

The shore excursions were expensive and although there is a caveat in all of the materials--prices are subject to change. For one of the tours, the price difference was over $20. The ports of call offered enough variety that, although I didn't choose to snorkel or dive, I was able to get a taste of the locale.

We enjoyed our experience and would try another Freestyle cruise.

Photo Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

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