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Updated News from American Classic Voyages
(American Hawaii, Delta Queen Steamboat Company, Delta Queen Coastal Voyages, and United States Lines)

AMCV Passengers: 
What You Need to Know
Information & instructions regarding bankruptcy procedures for booked passengers

American Classic Voyages Files Voluntary Petition for Chapter 11 Reorganization

MIAMI, Oct. 19 - American Classic Voyages Inc., the largest U.S.-flag cruise company, today announced that it has filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in Wilmington, Delaware. See Cruise News for details. 

Cruise Lines Offering Assistance for Booked Passengers:


MIAMI (10/24/01) - Carnival Cruise Lines is offering special discounts to people who were booked on cruises aboard the vessels of American Classic Voyages (AMCV), which recently filed for bankruptcy. For select cruises departing between now and February 11, 2002, Carnival is providing deeply discounted rates on a "best available stateroom" basis, meaning displaced AMCV guests will receive the best type of accommodation available at the  time of booking. See Cruise News for details.


MIAMI, Oct 22, 2001 - Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have implemented a special onboard credit program for guests previously booked with American Classic Voyages. See Cruise News for details.


Seattle, Oct 22, 2001 - Holland America Line is offering several Holland America and Windstar cruise opportunities to travelers previously scheduled to sail with any of the lines operated by American Classic Voyages Inc. See Cruise News for details.

Northrop Grumman Suspends Work on Project America

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25 - Northrop Grumman Corporation announced today that, effective immediately, it has suspended all work on Project America, a cruise ship program to build two 1,900-passenger cruise ships at its Pascagoula, MS, Ingalls Operation. Approximately 1,250 of the 1,600 full-time employees assigned to the project will be affected by this suspension. An additional 500 subcontractor employees could also be affected. American Classic Voyages Company, the parent of Project America, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Oct. 19, following the tragic events of Sept. 11 and their impact on the tourism industry. See Cruise News for details.

Delta Queen Steamboat Company and Delta Queen Coastal Voyages Announce Revised Cruise Schedule

MIAMI, Oct. 9 - Delta Queen Coastal Voyages and Delta Queen Steamboat Company, subsidiaries of American Classic Voyages Co., announced today that they will trim their upcoming cruise schedule by a combined total of 27 cruises. Delta Queen Coastal Voyages will eliminate three cruises in 2001; both brands will reduce their schedules by a combined 24 cruises in the early part of 2002.

Also, the 2002 summer and fall schedule of the 174-passenger Delta Queen will be enhanced to meet passenger demand for more variety in that boat's itineraries, and increase the number of shorter cruises.

2001-2002 Cruise Schedule Streamlined
The elimination of 27 cruises within the Delta Queen product group are being made during the slower winter off-season to better align capacity with expected demand during a challenging travel environment. Travel agent commissions will be protected and passengers booked on affected cruises are being offered incentives to switch to a different sailing date.

"Our Delta Queen product lines are very seasonal and enjoy their greatest demand in the spring, summer and fall,'' said Roderick K. McLeod, president and chief operating officer of AMCV.

"Recent events are affecting virtually every segment of the leisure industry and we felt it was prudent to focus our efforts on our highest-demand sailings.''

The two companies offer cruises on traditional riverboats and coastal ships sailing in the United States, registered in America and manned by U.S. crews. The cruises offer the easy convenience of being accessible by rail and road and utilize home ports like New Orleans, St. Louis, Charleston and Chicago.

"We believe that the all-American nature of our vacations right here in America's front yard leave us well-positioned to benefit as the public's confidence in travel returns,'' McLeod added.

The changes at the Delta Queen Steamboat Company will be accomplished by lengthening the regularly-scheduled winter maintenance lay-up periods for two of its four vessels and making minor schedule changes to a third boat to accommodate a charter related to the Super Bowl, which has been delayed one week by the National Football League. A total of 16 cruises are cancelled. A fourth boat, the 157-passenger Columbia Queen, will maintain its original 2002 schedule.

  • The 174-passenger Delta Queen's planned February maintenance lay-up period instead will begin on January 5, 2002 and the boat will re-enter service on March 22, 2002. Seven cruises are affected.
  • The 436-passenger American Queen's scheduled January maintenance lay-up period will be extended six weeks and the boat will re-enter service March 16, 2002. Eight cruises are affected.
  • The 416-passenger Mississippi Queen will re-enter service from its January maintenance lay-up with a cruise on February 5, 2002 following its Super Bowl charter. One cruise on January 28, 2002 is cancelled.

Delta Queen Coastal Voyages will trim its schedule by 11 cruises, affecting three cruises in 2001 and eight cruises in 2002.

  • The 224-passenger Cape May Light's November 3 and 17, 2001 cruises from Philadelphia and the November 10, 2001 cruise from Norfolk are cancelled. A total of seven cruises in Mexico and Belize, departing February 9, 2002 through March 24, 2002, will be eliminated as well. The ship returns to service with a seven-night cruise from Charleston on April 6, 2002.
  • The 224-passenger Cape Cod Light, currently under construction in Jacksonville, will enter service with its maiden voyage on April 27, 2002. One cruise on April 20, 2002 is affected.

Delta Queen's 2002 Schedule Offers More Variety
In other news, the company announced that it is revising the legendary Delta Queen steamboat's itineraries from late May through late November 2002 to offer more variety in itineraries, add shorter cruises and create more back-to-back cruise opportunities. The number of seven-night cruises is reduced from 24 to 13, while the number of three-, four-, five- and six-night cruises increases from five to 19.

"The authentic paddlewheel steamboat Delta Queen is a National Historic Landmark and a standard-bearer for a simpler time in America's storied history. These new itineraries allow her to roam our country from Minnesota to Louisiana and as far east as Pennsylvania,'' said McLeod. "By varying the length of the cruises to include both shorter vacations and more extended journeys through back-to-back options, we want to open up that experience to as many people as possible.''

The Delta Queen was previously scheduled to spend most of the year sailing from New Orleans except for two quick journeys north in the late spring and early fall. The new schedule offers:

  • Late spring cruises between Nashville and St. Louis and between Cincinnati and Memphis.
  • Ohio River cruises between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.
  • Cruises on the Illinois River from St. Louis to Ottawa, IL (outside Chicago).
  • Mississippi River cruises between Minneapolis/St. Paul and St. Louis.
  • Multi-river cruises from St. Louis, Nashville and Chattanooga.

In addition to the annual Kentucky Derby cruise, the Delta Queen's spring and winter cruise schedule of roundtrip cruises from New Orleans and voyages between New Orleans and Galveston, is being maintained.

For travelers who prefer a longer journey, the new itineraries have been designed specifically so that many cruises can be combined to create non- repetitive extensive adventures. As just one example, a cruise from Minneapolis/St. Paul to St. Louis and a cruise from St. Louis to New Orleans can be booked back-to-back to create a 14-night odyssey from Minnesota to Louisiana.

"Our past passengers tell us how much they enjoy the variety of our destinations and the Delta Queen herself,'' McLeod explained. ``The new itineraries emphasize the best of our company's cruises and combine them with the beloved Delta Queen to create vacations with broad appeal.''

Delta Queen Steamboat Company, which operates four traditional riverboats styled after the great paddlewheel steamboats of the late 19th century, cruises on the Mississippi and Ohio River systems and in the Pacific Northwest. Delta Queen Coastal Voyages, which operates the 224-passenger Cape May Light styled after the great coastal steamers of the early 20th century, sails in New England, the Maritime Provinces, along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. For more information, visit, or SOURCE: American Classic Voyages Co.

Operational Update from American Classic Voyages

9/15/01 - Passengers booked on cruises departing this weekend should contact their travel agent or our Special Assistance Desk at 1-800-810-9165 for questions regarding travel plans.

At this time, all cruises are planning to operate. However vessels will sail as late as possible this weekend to accommodate passengers re-booked on flights arriving later than originally scheduled. As the air traffic system is restored, we will continue to evaluate flight availability and adjust sailing schedules wherever possible.

American Hawaii Cruises
At this time, no major itinerary changes are planned.

United States Lines
At this time, no major itinerary changes are planned.

Delta Queen Coastal Voyages
At this time, no major itinerary changes are planned.

Delta Queen Steamboat Company
At this time, no major itinerary changes are planned.

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