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Costa Fortuna
Cruise Review
August 21-28, 2005

by alenushka

Let me first start by telling everyone who is planning this trip =>> Make sure that your connecting flights from US to Savona or any other connecting city are at least a few hours apart. Mine was only 35 minutes and I missed it because we spent 45 minutes on the runway in New York’s JFK airport due to traffic.

Please take a small carry-on with all the necessary toiletries and 2-3 days worth of underwear/clothing change in case they lose your luggage. Mine was lost due to AlItalia’s negligence and I did not get it until Barcelona (6 days later).

The lost luggage assistance is inferior (no proper telephone numbers or contacts on board or on land) and there is nothing to buy on board to help. Costa Cruises offers zero except for a small survival kit (toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo). Laundry is free, but what do you wear while they are washing it?

Carnival Corporation has purchased Costa Cruises and you can sense it right away. The food is very ordinary and the service is just ok.

The Costa Fortuna ship itself is big and nice, however the décor is dizzying. Typical of Carnival’s lack of taste and limit.

The cabin #9205 (suites class S) on the 9th deck is very satisfactory, and not expensive if 3 people are sharing it. It is spacious and very clean.

Early sitting dinner starts at 7-7:30PM and does not end till 9PM. Late sitting dinner is too late. It starts at 9:30PM.

The crowd is mostly middle class Italians, French, and Spanish, only a few Americans. Everyone pushes into elevators and there is no consideration for space or people. Very strange behavior regarding other passengers. Children are everywhere, even if it’s specified that it be for adults only.

Smoking is allowed everywhere except for the theater. There are non-smoking sections, but the air-conditioning was not working at all and it is very hot and stuffy everywhere.

The cruises excursions are decent (history and the city’s sight seeing tours) and worth the money, not the ones with dinner and show though.

The nightly shows are very primitive and dull.

The music in all the lounges is very pleasant and there is lots of dancing going on everywhere.

I do not recommend any Carnival/Costa cruises here in USA or Europe, they are inadequate for the money.

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