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Carnival Destiny
Southern Caribbean
March 9, 2003

by Edward Hengeveld

On March 9, 2003 my wife and I boarded the Carnival Destiny on a seven day southern Caribbean cruise; this was our fourth trip on a Carnival ship and while we had a nice time I am sorry to say this was NOT one of our best experiences with Carnival Cruise Lines. I would like to point out the following problems.

1. Embarkation around 4:00 PM – As we entered the pier the lack of organization was apparent. We joined the mile long luggage trail and hoped for the best. About ¾’s of the way to the counters our line merged with another mystery luggage line, merging onto a highway in a car is no challenge, merging with 6 pieces of luggage and a couple of hundred hot irritated humans is a major challenge. Where was the Carnival staff that should have been assisting guests through this fun process? I guess you don’t have them in San Juan. We now joined the line to get our paperwork checked and our credit card information verified, after waiting in this line for 20 minutes we noticed people using a parallel line and proceeding directly to the check in area. We made our way to this line and were rudely informed that this line was for individuals who were already checked in at the airport (we still don’t know what that statement means) and were directed to the end of the line we had just left, Once more where were the Carnival staff?

2. Captains cocktail reception – what a joke party ran from 7:00-8:30 which was great for the people with late seating for dinner but not for guests with the early seating. Who wants to have snacks after eating? And not much time to enjoy the event. why not just give each guest 2 free drink coupons good only on that night or just offer guests a free drink or 2 in the dining room on that night

3. Returning guest party – not well organized, staff was overwhelmed and not all returning guests were invited.

4.  One of the hot hubs by the main pool on lido deck was not working for the entire cruise.

5. Why are hot tubs on timers that no one seems to know when they go on and off?

6. Main pool on lido deck was closed for the entire last day of the cruise.

7. Why does the in room TV say pool temp is 100.2 degrees, but people were getting out with blue lips?

8. San Juan city tour...
a. We paid a different amount than other people on the same tour
b. Our luggage did not show up at airport until 1.5 hours after we were dropped off at airport. No representatives from Carnival available where we were dropped off and the representatives boarding new passengers had no idea what was going on (and were not in a big rush to offer any assistance). We walked the entire length of San Juan airport multiple times. Finally our luggage arrived; we were informed that the delay was caused by a problem with the truck.


1. Room steward (Cabin # 9157) was great, very friendly and attentive (consistent with all on all our cruises)
2. Dining room staff (Jorge and Romeo table 340) was great, very friendly and attentive.
3. Food in all venues was great.
4. Room was nice first time we ever had an inside cabin and we liked it.

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Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

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