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Ports of Embarkation:  North America


Montreal -- Port facilities, facts, and a useful introduction to the city of Montreal.

Quebec City -- -- General cruise information and a chart of the cruise lines calling on Quebec City.

Vancouver -- The gateway to Alaska cruising. Extremely useful site updated with 1998 Vancouver-Alaska information.

United States

Fort Lauderdale -- Port Everglades declares itself "America's Finest Cruise Port." This is certainly the best port web site with maps, arrival directions, departures, travel tips, and extensive terminal information.

Houston -- Take a Caribbean cruise direct from the Port of Houston Authority's Barbours Cut Terminal.

Los Angeles -- The World Cruise Center (technically in San Pedro) contains facts, a map, and a historic look at the Port of Los Angeles.

Miami -- The busiest cruise port in the world, the Port of Miami is the "Cruise Capital of the World."

New Orleans -- Home to cruise ships and riverboats, cruises from Robin Street Wharf and the Julia Street Cruise Terminal.

New York -- From the New York City Passenger Ship Terminal, schedules, directions, parking. and a map.

Port Canaveral -- Maps, sailing schedules, parking, and facility information.

San Diego -- Lots of useful info about the port and surrounding area.

San Francisco -- The goal of this site is to be the comprehensive source of information about the San Francisco waterfront; contains an overview and visitor information.

San Pedro -- Tour San Pedro, location of the Port of Los Angeles. Information on the harbor and more.

Seattle -- With extensive info on the harbor area and new Cruise terminals.  Also the place for ferry service on the Victoria Clipper Line.

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