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Cruise Line Jobs & Ship Employment

Afloat for 27 Years--Richard Joseph -- Richard is a Cruise Director extraordinaire and founder of Ship Services International, the company that specializes in hiring cruise staff for several of the world's top cruise lines.

Cooking Schools -- For future chefs, this site offers a comprehensive directory of leading culinary schools with the goal of providing the best resources for pursuing a cooking career on land or at sea.

Crew Cruise Training Center -- Airborne Bombay's training center for cruise ship stewards and servers. -- Provides a link for crew and ex-crew all over the world to contact old friends, stay in touch, and enrich stopover experiences.

Cruise Lines & Concession Addresses -- Where to send your resume from Scotty, The Traveler.

Cruise Ross -- The 2004 Cruise Line Employment Manual written and published by Jim Ross, a veteran cruise line employee. Cruise Diva highly recommends this manual if you are a serious job seeker.

Cruise Ship Jobs-The Real Truth -- Mark Landon worked on cruise ships for six years and during that time collected information with the hope of sharing it with others.

Cruise West Employment -- If you're willing to work hard in a fast-paced environment, Cruise West offers employment in a variety of areas.

Friend-Ships -- An exciting website for Crew, Passengers & all Naval Personnel to reunite with shipmates worldwide.

How to Get a Job With a Cruise Line -- Travel, adventure & a steady paycheck - Mary Fallon Miller explains how to have it all, the ONLY guide to cruise line employment recommended by CLIA (Cruise Lines Intl Assoc), NY Times, Conde Naste, & US News.

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship -- Job descriptions and a really comprehensive question and answer page from Scotty, The Traveler.

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship -- Sealetter article outlining the steps a cruise staff employee took to nail down his job on a major cruise line.

International Cruise Management Agency -- A ship management company with complete crew management responsibilities, including marine officers and ratings for both Crystal Cruises Inc. and NYK Cruises.

International Seafarers Exchange -- The job exchange sets up a direct connection among cruise and maritime companies, crewing agents, maritime schools, universities, and prospective crew members.

Jean Ann Ryan Productions -- Audition and resume submission information for the entertainment production company responsible for the spectacular shows on Norwegian Cruise Line.

Jobs in Paradise -- Select the link to Cruise Ship Jobs from the left-hand frame -- Jeffrey Maltzman has written the definitive book on the topic and there's lots of info on his website.

Jobs on Water -- From Cool Works, live and work where other people only get to visit.

Photographic Memories of Working on Chandris Lines -- Carol Mavroidaki shares crew photos and insight into working on cruise ships.

Steiner Leisure -- Steiner Training Ltd. is recruiting hair, beauty and fitness personnel for vacant positions on over ninety luxury cruise ships for Steiner Transocean Ltd.

The Working Vacation -- Placement coordinators for highly qualified volunteers to provide added social programs and extended hospitality for cruise ship guests. Nominal brokerage fee; however, volunteers receive many passenger benefits.

Triton Cruise Services, Inc. -- Complete ship, hotel, food, and beverage management. Lists openings and an invitation to email your resume.

The most important links for job-seekers: Check the web sites for each of the Cruise Lines

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