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Ocean Liner History~
Tributes to the Great Ladies of the Sea

Maritime Matters - Published by Martin Cox, anyone interested in ship history will find this a fascinating site. It's addictive, plan to spend a lot of time here.
The National Maritime Museum - Great Britain's National Maritime Museum incorporating the Old Royal Observatory and the Queen's House in Greenwich.
The Unofficial Holland America Line Home Page - Hans Segboer's tribute to the ocean liners and history of the Holland America Line.
World Ship Society - The Port of New York Branch, dedicated to ship enthusiasts.
Royal Regals - A History of Ocean Liners compiled by Bryan Guinn.
Steamship Historical Society of America - Dedicated to preserving artifacts and memories from steamship days.
Masters of the Blue Riband - Dedicated to the fastest transatlantic ships through history, those wore bore the honor of earning the "Blue Riband"

Chandris Line

SS Australis - Welcome aboard... join former crew member Ken Ironside on the former SS America.
SS Australis - Steve Mulliss' site dedicated to the life and times on board with many photos from former crew members.
RHMS Amerikanis & Britanis -- A wonderful site full of the photographs and memories of Carol Mavroidaki (nee Hewlett) who worked on board both ships.

Cunard Line

RMS Caronia - "Caronia Timeline" charting the glittering career of Cunard's world-famous 'Green Goddess'
RMS Caronia
-The "Green Goddess," as she was affectionately known, was the height of luxury for cruising and trans-Atlantic service.
RMS Lusitania - Royal Regals of the Sea by Bryan Guinn remembers this tragic liner.
RMS Queen Elizabeth -Trace the service career of the second "queen" with Uncommon Journeys.
RMS Queen Mary - The official Queen Mary Seaport site explores the first "queen's" history.
RMS Queen Mary - Bryan Guinn's Royal Regals of the Seas site describes 'a noble tribute to the imagination of man.'

French Line

SS Ile de France - Kevin R. Tam details the first large liner built after World War I.
Liberte - Renamed Liberte, the former North German Lloyd flagship, Europa, became a member of the French Line following World War II.
Normandie - Louis Mancini describes the Normandie and shares photos of the most elegant ship afloat until her demise at the hands of a well-meaning but careless US Navy.
Normandie - The glorious Normandie was the ship by which all her successors were measured.

Holland America Line

SS Nieuw Amsterdam II -From the Unofficial Holland America Home Page, beautiful photos and text.
SS Rotterdam IV - Distinctive as one of the first ships of Holland America designed for pleasure cruises, from the Unofficial Holland America Home Page.
SS Rotterdam V - Author and ship historian John Maxtone-Graham bids farewell to a beloved ship.
SS Rotterdam V - One of the most distinctive and innovative ships ever built as described on the Unofficial Holland America Home Page. Discover the "secret staircase." Sailing today as Rembrandt.
RMS Statendam III - The Unofficial Holland America Home Page profiles the Statendam of 1929.

Italian Line

Andria Doria - Italian style and luxury at sea, Bryan Guinn describes the career of the "Grand Dame of the Sea."

P & O Line

Canberra - Facts, figures, and photographs from Dr. Denis Griffiths.
Orion - Steve Mulliss' site dedicated to this innovative liner built for the Australian immigration route from Europe.  She represented a breakthrough in design for hot weather sailing before the advent of complete air-conditioning. Steve was on board her as a seven year old to become a new Australian in 1959.

Swedish American Line

History and Facts - Lars Hemingstam and his sons maintain this extensive site as a tribute to these great liners of the Swedish American Line.
Drottningholm - Drottningholm was one of the first oceangoing merchant ships to employ steam turbines.
Gripsholm - Profiles of both ships that sailed under this proud name.
Kungsholm - Facts and photos of the three ships named Kungsholm.
Stockholm - Photos, deckplans, and the story of the last of three ships named Stockholm, the famous ship that collided with the Andrea Doria in 1956.

United States Line

SS America - Larry Driscoll's beautiful site with many photos and stories about the liner that preceded the SS United States.
SS America - Darren Byrne of Perth, Western Australia, shares his memories and extensive memorabilia of SS America.
SS United States - This web site is dedicated to advancing a growing movement to save the historic SS United States ocean liner and includes many recent photos.
SS United States - Bryan Guinn shares of the dream of what America's greatest maritime achievement could become again.

White Star Line

RMS Olympic - "Old Reliable"--the only "Olympic Class" ship not to sink. A history and comparison.
Titanic In Cyberspace - By Paul Quinn, Titanic Historical Society member and author of Titanic at Two AM (published by Fantail), this site contains exceptional original artwork and is a must-see for Titanic buffs.
RMS Titanic - From RMS Titanic, Inc., exclusive photos of Titanic artifacts, expeditions to the wreck site, and photos of Titanic before and after her sinking. 
RMS Titanic & RMS Olympic - TPD Turner's in depth look at the Titanic and Olympic (and Britannic which is coming soon).


Cabin Class Collectibles - A wide range of ocean liner memorabilia from the great steamships of the 20th Century.
New Steamship Consultants - New Steamship Consultants is the world's largest dealer of original ocean liner memorabilia has an online catalog and Ocean Liner Memorabilia Museum.