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Linda Coffman


Radisson Seven Seas Navigator

The "Goodnight Irene" 
Cruise Diary, Part 3

Seven Seas LoungeEntertainment/Activities
Even though Seven Seas Navigator is a small ship at 33,000 gross tons, she feels much larger when it comes to entertainment. Highlights of our cruise included several high energy production shows featuring the Peter Grey Terhune Singers & Dancers. I particularly enjoyed "Tonight on Broadway"--a celebration of favorites from the Great White Way. We were also impressed with the talent and showmanship of headliner, Christiane Noll. The actress/singer's show mixed selections from her latest recording, "A Broadway Love Story" with everyone's favorite standards.

Two musicians we were delighted to see were Gerry and Danilo--the Two of Diamonds, whose music kept everyone dancing on Radisson Diamond. No dance partner? No problem. Distinguished Gents Dr. Mo and Ronald were on hand to invite unaccompanied ladies to take the floor (and they also gave dance lessons throughout the week).

Between early morning yoga, art auctions, golf lessons, Navigational Bridge and Galley tours, dance classes, culinary demonstrations, and cut-throat sessions of Team Trivia, were computer and photography instructions and Enrichment Lectures. Possibly one of the most engaging I've attended in some time was "About Bermuda" presented by Lt. Colonel Brendan Hollis. A sixth generation Bermudian and former Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment, he was not only interesting, but he illustrated his presentations with his own photos and memorabilia.

Another treat was The Three Tenors, shown on the big screen poolside while we were docked in Hamilton. A full moon made the "Almost" Live concert all the more enticing.

Seven Seas Navigator Pool DeckCarita of Paris Spa
One of the first things I did after boarding Seven Seas Navigator was head for the Carita Spa to make an appointment.

I inevitably come aboard feeling tense and somewhat stressed after the planning, packing, and travel to port is behind us. Carita Spa and Salon offers a full menu of treatments and services, each tailored to one's individual needs. For me, the true test of a spa is a Swedish Massage and I knew I'd made the right choice as my therapist gave the knots in my shoulders a workout. I truly felt like a new woman when she was finished.

Adjacent to the spa is a well equipped fitness center and exercise room. I peeked in on a few classes. I don't want to appear lazy, but I wasn't ready to give up the good feeling achieved by my massage... instead, I headed for the sauna and steam room

Club Mariner
I can't praise the Youth Counselors on our cruise highly enough. Although Seven Seas Navigator has a 67.3 space per guest ratio, one of the highest at sea, we were somewhat concerned that the atmosphere on board would be a bit strained with the presence of so many youngsters. 

As it turned out, our apprehension was unfounded. The Vista Lounge was more than adequate for the Club Mariner activities and we seldom saw the children. The ones we were aware of couldn't have been more well behaved and courteous. When we were having dinner in Compass Rose one evening we noticed a group of children filing out hand-in-hand behind their counselor. We didn't even know they were seated behind us in the restaurant!

We had a thoroughly relaxing cruise to Bermuda. While docked in Hamilton and St. George's we mainly revisited local spots we've enjoyed in the past and also took the time for a ferry ride to the Royal Navy Dockyard to tour the Bermuda Maritime Museum. It was well worth the trip. Since our last Bermuda cruise, the ferry system has been upgraded with the addition of high speed catamarans that have comfortable seating and air conditioning. Alas, because we were there on the weekend some of the "local" ferry routes we liked so much in the past weren't running. Also strangely missing is Trimingham's, the quintessential Bermuda department store that closed its doors this summer. Mel chose one fairly active tour--the Railway Trail Biking excursion that follows the path of the original narrow gauge Bermuda Railway. He was duly impressed with the equipment provided as well as the guide's running commentary about the island.

For more sightseeing and beach information, see Bermuda Ports of Call.

By virtue of her design and history, Radisson Seven Seas Navigator doesn't present the sleekest profile at sea. Her hull was originally built to be a Russian "research" (spy!) vessel before it was converted to a luxury cruise liner. Everything from deck 5 on up was built to Radisson's exacting specifications. The use of warm woods accented with deco-era styling results in an intimate atmosphere throughout public rooms. At 301 square feet, even standard suites are generous in size and bathrooms are by far some of the nicest on any ship. The hallmark of a Radisson cruise, though, is the service--personalized and thoughtful. 

Radisson Seven Seas Navigator is wrapping up the Bermuda season this year and does not have a return scheduled in the foreseeable future. Instead, she will offer sailings in Europe and the Caribbean.

Oh yes... about that vibration for which the Navigator is somewhat infamous. We felt it now and then, primarily when the thrusters were in use as we left ports and in the aft when the sea was a bit rough. In all fairness, it wasn't as bad as I'd been led to believe, although it could be annoying.

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