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Norwegian Dawn
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Linda Coffman


Norwegian Dawn
December 16-18, 2002
Christening 'Sneak Preview' Cruise

by Linda Coffman

PHOTO TOUR - Click Thumbnails for full size pictures

Bamboo.JPG (34464 bytes) Cagneys.JPG (31570 bytes) Impressions.JPG (35244 bytes) Le Bistro.JPG (34905 bytes)
Bamboo Cagneys Steak House Impressions Restaurant Le Bistro
Aqua_restaurant.JPG (34942 bytes) trattoria.jpg (20819 bytes) Venetian.JPG (43991 bytes) Salsa.JPG (42888 bytes)
Aqua Restaurant Trattoria Venetian Restaurant Salsa Tapas Bar & Restaurant
cinema.jpg (16076 bytes) conf_room.jpg (18846 bytes) Internet Cafe1.JPG (33014 bytes) library.jpg (21221 bytes)
Cinema Conference Room Internet Cafe Library
Stardust Theater.JPG (37788 bytes) Spa lobby.JPG (33270 bytes) Casino_nd.JPG (40958 bytes) spinnaker_lounge.jpg (24449 bytes)
Stardust Theater Spa Lobby Casino Spinnaker Lounge
pub.jpg (21277 bytes) Dazzles.JPG (30452 bytes) Kids Center.JPG (29724 bytes) Teen Club.JPG (32578 bytes)
Pub Dazzles Nightclub Kid's Center Teen Club

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Christening Norwegian DAWN, the "STAR" of the East Coast

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Photos Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

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