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SS Norway
Eastern Caribbean
April 2003

by Manjiree Jalukar

We were just on the cruise on SS Norway to the Eastern Caribbean. Though it was our second cruise, we did enjoy the overall experience.


  • The food in the dining rooms was good. They have a great variety of the various dishes provided in Leeward dining room. The soups and the salads were delicious. The dessert variety was good
  • The Saga theater was very comfortable. They had lots of activities thru out the day for kids as well as for adults.
  • The late night comedy shows were good.
  • In general, it is a long ship and my favorite were the few top most decks where you do not feel the motion as much.
  • The Outdoor restaurant food is not that great but the atmosphere is lively. Plus, they have all the basic stuff : Pizza, sandwiches, salad variety, desserts and drinks.
  • The music is playing most of the time, Caribbean Vibes group was good.
  • I thought that the waiters in the dining room were quite friendly and we got to know them in the 7 days. Since we are two days at sea going to and back from the islands, we got to meet some of the crew.
  • The chocolate buffet was really good and the ice cream parlor was a high point for my kids.


  • Ship is not maintained properly.
  • Elevators are slow.
  • Tenders take a long time to go to islands and back
  • Our cabin on the Atlantic deck was small, with bunk beds. Since the ship was full, they did not give us an upgrade or an exchange.

Overall,  I think we are 50-50 about sailing again on the Norway if we had a chance. The ship is good for people who enjoy being on the sea. When returning, there was an medical emergency on board, so the ship lost time since they had to go 4 hours away from their regularly scheduled path. We skipped the Bahamas. We were very disappointed with that and I do not think it is fair that we get only 2 islands for the amount we paid.

The Entertainment: Fair to Good

The Food: Great 

Other Services: Good to Average

Photos Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

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