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Chart Your Own Course

Silversea Cruises Personalized VoyagesJuly 24, 2002

Have you ever dreamt of designing your own cruise itinerary? Or would you like to personalize just a portion of a typical cruise and “jump ship” to spend a few days in a particularly tantalizing port of call? Perhaps time is tight and you have only a week available, yet want to enjoy a luxury cruise holiday.

Until now, you might have been able to achieve part of that dream by selecting a segment of a world cruise. However, just as other itineraries are set, those segments are also selected by cruise lines with no flexibility.

And today? How would you like to hop on board in Aruba and depart five days later in St. Martin? Maybe you would prefer to embark in Athens and leave after six nights to spend some time in the Greek Isles? You can leave in Santorini. It's that simple.

Yes, finally you can have a cruise your way—it's even better than your own private yacht.

Silversea Cruises Introduces PERSONALIZED VOYAGES

Ultra-luxury Silversea Cruises has introduced a revolutionary new concept in cruise planning. Personalized Voyages is a unique option that allows guests to create and custom design their own cruise vacation experience. With Silversea’s Personalized Voyages, guests enjoy the flexibility and convenience of creating the luxury cruise vacation they have always imagined. Set to debut on Silver Cloud in 2003, guests will be able to select the length of their voyage by embarking and debarking from their choice of a wide selection of enticing Caribbean, South American, and European ports.  

Personalized Voyages are available in addition to the more traditional end-to-end air/sea and cruise-only fares and offer a unique alternative to staying in a traditional resort hotel. Similar to a luxury hotel stay, guests sailing aboard Silver Cloud decide when they want to get on and off. Unlike a typical land resort, Silversea offers complete convenience and value by including exquisite dining, a wide selection of fine wines and spirits, taxes, gratuities, and entertainment in the daily rate, plus the convenience of exploring multiple destinations without having to transit airports or change accommodations. Imagine... a luxury hotel that moves guests from place to place and you only have to unpack once!

“Personalized Voyages is truly an innovative concept, that recognizes the need  for more flexibility within the cruise experience” said Albert Peter, Silversea’s Chief Executive Officer. “Luxury, convenience and flexibility are all closely linked. At Silversea, we are defining a new level of luxury by recognizing that different people have different travel styles at different times. In some instances, guests can only travel at certain intervals for a set number of days, particularly as many travelers are combining leisure trips with their business travel plans. If a particular voyage’s embark or debark dates don’t match their specific travel needs, they may be forced to choose another vacation option.”

Added Peter, “Personalized Voyages addresses the needs of today’s luxury traveler by giving them total vacation flexibility.  We’re enabling guests to customize their vacation experiences to fit their needs, not the other way around. With today’s affluent traveler, the most precious luxury is time.  By offering guests a way to control time and make the most of it, we are helping to define the new ultimate luxury vacation experience. Silversea has always held to the belief that no guest should be “herded’ through a pre-determined experience – onboard or on shore.  As such, Silversea has attracted the most discriminating travelers seeking personally tailored vacation experiences.  Looking forward, we are uniquely positioned to enhance the cruise industry with our Personalized Voyages concept by providing greater appeal to travelers who are increasily looking for added flexibility and control from their vacation.”

Plan Your Cruise Get-Away

Customizing a Silversea Personalized Voyage aboard Silver Cloud is easy. The company’s 2003 Cruise Atlas, due out next week, contains a listing of over two hundred approved embarkation and debarkation ports, daily rates, plus complete terms and conditions on the program.  Information can also be found at Guests can cruise for as long as they desire, with a minimum of five nights in a row. To determine the cost of a Personalized Voyage, guests simply select a desired suite category, then add up the daily rate of the days they plan to be onboard. Guests will need to arrange their own air transportation, but Silversea will be happy to assist with hotel and/or transfer arrangements in select ports for a fee. Guests opting not to book under the Personalized Voyages program can still confirm a  Silver Cloud cruise vacation by booking either a comprehensive value air/sea fare or simple cruise-only fare.

For more information on Silversea Cruises, please contact a travel agent. For a complimentary brochure, please call toll-free (877) 215-9986 or visit


The Silver Whisper Cruise Diary - Sail along with on a virtual cruise from Istanbul to Genoa.

Illustration courtesy of Silversea Cruises

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