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"Just wanted you let you know how much I enjoy your site. It is very informative. Everything I had a question about was answered and very easy to find. There are so many things to look at, too. Thanks again! ~ Amy
P.S. I am looking forward to my 3rd cruise and feel more prepared now that I visited your site."

In addition to providing a highly targeted audience of thousands of Internet-savvy cruise travelers, has several advantages over conventional publications:

  • Internet content is timeless. Newspaper or magazine articles have a shelf life of a day, a week, or a month at most. On the Internet, articles can remain online indefinitely and be updated as necessary. Thanks to search engine placement, Linda's articles from as long ago as 1998 continue to draw new readers every week.
  • Readers can click through to your site. Articles include links to related Web sites, making it easy for readers to find the information they need without picking up the telephone or writing a letter.
  • Articles can be longer, with unlimited illustrations. Typical newspaper features are 500-1,000 words long, with photographs limited to one or two. A article is as long as the topic requires, with color photographs illustrating every page.

User-friendly and engaging, and with almost a thousand pages of original editorial content, has become the premier cruise information planning site on the Internet. In addition, the Cruise Diva Blog offers readers timely news items, informative stories for avid cruise passengers, and thoughtful insight about the cruise industry.

Linda responds to dozens of email questions on a weekly basis, offering a personal touch not often found in today's fast paced world.

Cruise Travel & Related Topics Articles cover cruise ships, itineraries, ports of call, and all the details of the cruise experience, including pre- and post-cruise hotel/resort reviews. The exclusive "Cruise Diary" takes the reader along on a 'virtual' cruise and can be written from anywhere in the world.

Planning and packing tips are a specialty and Linda's "Smart Packing" on board lecture has been very favorably received by passengers.

This exclusive content can be purchased, either by licensing or through special arrangement for customized material. content will attract the consumers you want by providing fresh and lively content for your web site or newsletter or to publicize your product.

Press Trips & Media Events
 Linda Coffman is interested in press trips that fit her editorial needs and travel schedule. The ship reviews & previews, Cruise Diary, and Cruise Diva's Blog series are made possible by press tours, which allow her to provide the kind of in-depth coverage that otherwise would not be possible on a limited editorial budget. 

Where to send press materials and inquiries:
For offline contact information (telephone, fax, and mailing address), please send an email to:

Linda Coffman is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers. She is the author of Fodor's The Complete Guide to Caribbean Cruises, co-author of Fodor's The Complete Guide to European Cruises, and contributes to Fodor's Caribbean Ports of Call, Alaska Ports of Call, European Ports of Call, Bermuda, Greece, Greek Isles, and Essential Scandinavia: The Best Cities, Sights, and Cruises guidebooks.

Meet Linda Coffman and learn why you should trust her expertise.

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