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"Linda Coffman, a.k.a. 'The Cruise Diva,' is one of the travel industry's foremost experts on cruising." The Travel Channel

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says, "The Cruise Diva's site has good information, lots of practical tips and lots of attitude."

"Love your site!"  Ethel Blum, author of The Total Traveler Guide to Worldwide Cruising

"I just discovered your wonderful site and wish I had known about it and you before my book was printed."  Susan Foster, author of Smart Packing for Today's Traveler

"Thanks again for a great interview."  Kelly Markham, Producer The Savvy Traveler

"I got a chance to look at your website, quite impressive, you are the Cruise Diva." John McKenney, Jack McKenney Productions, Inc. and Director of Photography/Editor of Maritime Magic

"Your article was a gem!  Enjoyed reading your reactions and the feelings that stirred. It was terrific in every way and you summed up our program exceptionally well! Thank you for the attention to details."  Lauretta Blake, The Working Vacation

"Cruise Diva is by far one of the most concise cruising information sources on the Internet.  If you are planning a cruise or are just a cruise fan, Cruise Diva has what you are looking for."  Anita Dunham-Potter, Contributing Travel Editor,

"Anytime I want to go on a Cruise I ALWAYS log on to the site to find out everything I need to know about Cruising!"  John DiScala,

"Ms. Coffman has a true love for cruising and this is displayed clearly in her writing. She writes from the perspective of a cruise enthusiast with the skill sets of a seasoned journalist. She gives consumers enough information and detail so they can form their own opinions and make educated decisions about cruise vacation purchases."  Brad Ball, Cruise Line Executive (Renaissance Cruises, Silversea Cruises)

"We have cruised a dozen times. Renaissance, Princess, Norwegian, etc. and I have to say I thought we knew how to pack. YOU, on the other hand, have a handle on the whole thing. I really enjoyed your site and I am passing it on to our travel agent so she can pass it along to others. We are headed to Alaska Sept. 8, and I was not sure what to bring. Thanks again for your insight and knowledge on tips for packing and WHAT TO BRING lists."  LJ, from Palm Coast, FL

"Greetings from Cape Town. I have just discovered your web site and have spent some time browsing. Really very excellent."  Ian, in Cape Town, South Africa

"We just read all your in-depth information about the ports of call that we hope to visit on our cruise out of Barcelona. You certainly did a marvelous job of collecting, assembling and detailing all the points of interest in a very 'digestible and interesting way!' In fact, we have downloaded and sent the information to several of our close friends in hopes of enticing them to join us! You are indeed a very gracious individual that makes the word 'sharing' take on an entirely new meaning. We Thank You for your efforts and interest in the needs of many others interested in cruise travel."

"Your web site is now a permanent addition to our very favorite links!"

"Thanking you again for your outstanding reviews."  We remain, very respectfully, JUDY and JOHN in Sunny San Antonio, TX 

"Linda, you are a wonder... and a bit of a magician. How can you possibly put all those clothes in a carryon. My carryon is filled with toiletries, my camera, various odds and ends that I can't live without, but there's never room for clothes. Thanks for your inspirational reply."  Diane

"Linda, your news feature is a delightful addition to my daily surfing. It is something that has been missing from the scene since your departure from and you have now filled that void. "

"I know that this is a lot of work and I just wanted to let you know from one regular reader that it is appreciated!"  Clarence

"I have enjoyed your site for its practical and helpful information."  Jennifer 

"I recently visited your website and Wow! Impressive to say the least."  Mike

"I have been a long time fan of your web site You have great information and it was your site that prompted us to book our first cruise, which is coming up November 25."  Lynette

"I love your website--visited it for the first time since I am going on a cruise for the first time with my husband. Your site is very informative and well laid out… great job!!"  Kimberly 

"Thank you for your very, very useful information. I have visited your web site and enjoyed it very much. I'm just hoping to avoid being so naive that we miss out on lots of the things we need to do in order to do the things we want to do. I appreciate your help!"  Joanne W.

"Many thanks for your reply and info. I will be a Diva UK fan from now on."  Ken

"Thanks very much for your time. I LOVE your site."

"I enjoy your website very much--read it every day!"  Frances

"You've done a good job with this website--compliments to you!! Keep up the great work."  Kay

"That's a very nice website you have for those interested in all aspects of cruising."  Cherrie

"You are a wonderful writer that I have been reading for years, and was so happy to see a picture of you in Cruise Travel a year or so ago."

"I spent a long time looking at your site this AM. I enjoyed all your reports and find you not only truthful, but factual and honest. I like that. You have a wonderful site and give really good advice. Keep it up--it's a wonderful site and all of us who travel very much APPRECIATE your talents as a writer."  Wayne

"I visited your web page earlier; the information is terrific! I've already printed your helpful packing list. I'm going on my first cruise in a couple of weeks."  Debbie

"Linda, I love your web page it is incredibly helpful! I have printed your packing lists!"  Brenda

"Thank you for your great website, I'll be referring the 34 members of my family that are planning on a family cruise to your site to see all your great tips! Thanks, Valerie

I really appreciated all your Web articles and I can assure you that as a first time cruiser, MANY things you covered hit areas that I would not have ever known. Thank you very much."  Bev

"I loved your information on packing. As a female executive, I have been dealing with packing outfits for years, and coincidentally have also done the dry cleaner bags."  Jeanne

"I found your site while looking for a cruise ship review for a trip I've planned in April. This will be my 5th cruise but a new cruise line for me. I love your site and signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for brightening my cold, snowy, Minnesota winter day."  Pat

"I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated finding such a great site as yours. We are going on our first cruise and needed to find out so much. I've searched and searched the net and when I found your site I found EVERYTHING in one place so it was great. I've spent the last two days reading EVERYTHING on it. You certainly have put a lot of work into it."  Thanks, Katie & Tom, in Athlone, Ireland

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