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Linda Coffman

Carnival Pride
September 2002

by Mr. David Junka & Dr. James Harlow

WOW! What a wonderful week we just had on the Carnival Pride! After the last cruse on a similar ship (Celebrity Millennium), we have regained our trust in these magnificent larger ships. When we were on the Millennium last fall, we were jostled around like the SS Minnow! We never got any questions answered about the instability of the ship and were told that the terrible rocking and swaying of the ship was due to it's sail like design! BOO Celebrity Cruise line for a most uncomfortable trip! I do give the ship extra high ratings for its beauty, service and food!

Now back to our wonderful experience with the Pride! We left Port Canaveral on Saturday late afternoon and were just in love with the theatrical feeling of the interior of this magnificent ship. We were not at all offended by any of the theatrical accouterments at all, finding them lending to the get-away feeling that everyone wants when they work so hard to escape for a cruise! Very exciting entrance!

We arrived in our stateroom to find a very pleasantly decorated room and an extra roomy bathroom with lots of shelves and places to hang wet clothes etc. The aqua tiles and countertop were very tasteful. We emptied our refrigerator into the areas around it and put in our beverages that we had brought... no restocking charge or complaints from our efficient cabin steward, Ronaldo.

The Mermaid grill was very nice and ran very efficient. There were lots of choices for creating a good meal any time of the day and how nice to have the beverages around during the entire cruise! Bravo to the chefs! Our table in the dining room was very graciously staffed and we found the wait staff delightful to talk to. It was unfortunate that we ate in David's supper club three times as we enjoyed the antics of the dining room staff.

David's Supper club was very nice except for the extremely rich food! We were blown away when we ordered the Porterhouse steak and it came with what looked like a hunting knife! It was quite an experience and will be remembered fondly!

This ship was so smooth on the water that we hardly could tell the high winds and rough seas from hurricane Isidore were on our tail. (If this had been the Millennium, it would have been on her side!) Our Captain even kept us abreast of all of the changes in the itinerary and was to be commended on his decisions to alter the course of the ship.

Altogether, I would rate this cruise and this ship as the finest ones that we have been on and that is usually two cruises a year.

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Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

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