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Important Travel Safety Information

From Jack Williams, President and Chief Operating Officer
Royal Caribbean International

March 21, 2003 -- As our valued guests, we want to ensure that you always feel completely comfortable during your Royal Caribbean International cruise vacations.

As you are aware, the current world conflicts have risen in the last week. Like you, we hope there is a swift resolution of the conflict. During these unsettling times, we want you to feel confident about your personal safety while traveling with Royal Caribbean International. The safety and security of our guests and crew members is always our highest priority. And it is our hope that this letter will answer any questions you might have, and help give you peace of mind when considering your next cruise vacation.

For the last 18 months, every Royal Caribbean ship has operated at the highest security level, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. We cannot discuss some of our highly confidential security procedures, but there are many visible steps you may notice. These include:

  • Comprehensive screening all luggage, carry-ons, and provisions coming onto our ships.
  • Conducting that screening with x-ray machines, metal detectors, canine teams, human searches, and other methods.
  • All guests, crew members, and visitors who board our ships must have a passport or original birth certificate (or certified copy) plus a photo identification issued by a government agency, typically a driver's license or student ID.
  • Our manifests, listing all guests and crew members, are reviewed by U.S. federal authorities.
  • Our SeaPass system provides everyone with an ID card containing a digital photo and personal information on a magnetic strip. As each guest or crew member boards or departs a ship, this card is swiped through a machine and its information appears on a computer screen, at which time the cardholder's identity is verified.
  • Each ship has a highly trained military veteran as Security Officer, overseeing a team of experienced security personnel. 
  • We work closely with local, state, federal, and international authorities, such as the port authorities where our ships call, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Customs Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Interpol.

It is important to us that our valuable guests continue to enjoy all of the special dining, recreational and entertainment activities that they have come to expect in a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. We are also providing additional special services to assist our guests during this unsettling time. These include:

  • More information through Cable News Network (CNN) by making the live telecasts available on television screens in public areas (lounges, theater) and, as always, on the televisions in their staterooms.
  • A video also will be shown on the ships television system that further explains and shows our security policies and procedures.
  • Religious services will be held onboard our ships. A schedule of these activities will be published in our ships' onboard daily newsletters.
  • A daily news roundup will be distributed to staterooms and posted in the ships' libraries. Newspapers can also be found at port calls throughout our cruises.

Like all Royal Caribbean cruises, you can feel confident that your vacation will be an exciting and rewarding experience. Thank you for having chosen Royal Caribbean International for past vacations. We hope to see you again, in the near future.

Please click here for ongoing updates regarding Royal Caribbean's operations as the current world events develop:


Jack Williams
President and Chief Operating Officer
Royal Caribbean International

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