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An "Egg-ceptional" Cruise

Legacy of the Czars

For pomp, tradition, and romance, any modern royal could envy the late Russian Imperial Family's lifestyle. Before the tragic demise of Czar Nicholas II, Czarina Alexandra, and their children, no noble family could match the Romanov mystique. The House of Fabergé added to their magical aura and many of the finely crafted Imperial "eggs" given as Easter gifts from the Czars to their wives and mothers survive as a testament to their glory. 

Considered the most beautiful gift ever given, in 1885 the first Fabergé Egg was presented by Czar Alexander III as an Easter gift to his wife, Czarina Maria Feodorovnahe. His Fabergé Egg gift inspired a tradition among Russian Czars and for the next three decades the reigning Czar would present an Imperial Egg to his wife or mother on Easter Sunday. Fabergé's Imperial Egg masterpieces were the object of great anticipation by the Imperial Court and each Imperial Egg was more splendid than the last. Every one was unique and bore a "surprise" inside—ranging from miniature portraits of royal family members to tiny animals, a miniscule golden coronation coach, and even replicas of their palaces.

What woman wouldn't be enchanted by the gift of a Fabergé Egg? And what man could resist the opportunity to make the special woman in his life feel like a Czarina? Today it's more than wishful thinking... Silversea Cruises offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make those dreams come true aboard its newest ship, Silver Whisper. Theo Fabergé, the only living grandson of Carl Fabergé and heir to the artistic legacy of the House of Fabergé, Imperial Jewelers to the Romanov Czars is scheduled to host the "Romanovs Remembered" optional package of special events during Silver Whisper's "St. Petersburg Treasures" cruise, sailing from July 7 to 14, 2003. During the unique seven-day cruise, privileged guests will journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen and enjoy a special program of lectures and events. A memorable three-day stopover in the majestic city of St. Petersburg is but one of the highlights that other cruise lines just can't match.

Silversea created the "Romanovs Remembered" package to commemorate the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the legendary city founded by Peter the Great in 1703. During their three-day visit to St. Petersburg, guests participating in the "Romanovs Remembered" program will be treated to guided tours of Yusupov Palace, Grand Duke Vladimir's Palace, Peterhof Grand Palace and Catherine the Great's Palace at Tsarkoe Selo, the summer residence of the Czars. The program features a festive evening at the Peterhof Grand Palace, where guests will be serenaded by the Military Brass Band as they arrive for their guided tour of the opulent palace suites. Later in the evening, participants will truly feel the spirit of the city's tricentennial celebration when they enter the palace's Main Throne Room to attend the exclusive Theo Fabergé Ball. Exquisitely decorated tables laden with gifts, sumptuous cuisine, enchanting orchestral music and vibrant waltzes and mazurkas are the exclusive pleasures awaiting them. After dinner and dancing, the famous Great Cascade of Fountains will spring to life in a glorious ceremony followed by a ballet concert and a breathtaking fireworks display to add the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening.

In addition to exploring the splendors of St. Petersburg, guests will be treated to the enlightening shipboard lectures of Philip Birkenstein, who will share his insights as CEO of The St. Petersburg Collection, which showcases contemporary Fabergé eggs. As Silver Whisper departs this majestic port, an exclusive shipboard "Black Pearls and Ice" tasting of caviar and vodka will be served.

Theo Fabergé's Exclusive Silver Whisper Egg

To add a unique dimension and aesthetic perspective to the their guests' experience, Silversea has commissioned world-renowned artist Theo Fabergé to create the Silver Whisper Egg. A limited edition egg, it is delicately crafted from mouth-blown lead crystal and hand-enameled in a swirling blue design evocative of rolling ocean waves. The outer shell is topped with Theo Fabergé's signature Romanov crown in sterling silver accented by a cabochon sapphire. In the Fabergé family tradition, the creation features a miniature surprise—a sterling silver and 24-karat gold model of Silver Whisper. Under the ship model and hand-cut into the crystal base is a miniature compass.

"The 'Romanovs Remembered' package is a tremendous opportunity for guests to get the most out of their visit to St. Petersburg and the Baltic region," said Bill Leiber, Silversea's Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "The special events, informative lectures, and the presentation of the Silver Whisper Egg designed by Theo Fabergé are sure to provide guests with memories that they will treasure for a lifetime." The "Romanovs Remembered" optional package is only offered in conjunction with Silver Whisper's seven-day "St. Petersburg Treasures" cruise that sails from Stockholm to Copenhagen on July 7, 2003, with calls in Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Cruise-only fares start at $5,795 per guest, double occupancy.

To add the "Romanovs Remembered" program to an already extraordinary cruise experience, full-cruise guests may purchase the package at an additional $5,900 per person, double occupancy. For single-occupancy guests, the package cost is $7,900. One Silver Whisper Egg per suite is included in the package. Theo Fabergé's limited edition eggs normally retail between $4,000 and $35,000, with one-of-a-kind pieces bringing as much as $155,000.

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