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Cruise Diva's CRUISE DIARY
~ Copenhagen to Stockholm ~
"A Taste of the Baltic"

Copenhagen & Embarkation

The Little Mermaid--CopenhagenPre-cruise, the Little Mermaid awaits to welcome us to Copenhagen.

First, there's the matter of getting there. My Lufthansa flight arrangements proved to be a model of efficiency at its best. On time flights and fairly decent airline food made flying from Atlanta to Copenhagen through Frankfurt, if not a joy, at least not unpleasant.

And what a glorious day of arrival! Sunshine and warm temperatures... a swift transfer and check-in at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. All like clockwork.  Silversea Cruises really begins pampering guests when cruise documents arrive—with personalized luggage tags and tickets tucked into a leather document case and a leather suitcase ID tag with the Silversea logo. For maximum convenience, there is also a set of "leave behind" paperwork with the Silver Whisper's complete itinerary and phone and fax numbers along with a shore excursion booklet and all the information needed for packing and planning—even tips about the weather.

Brand new in September 2001, the Copenhagen Marriott, chosen for Silversea guests' pre-cruise stay was the first Marriott hotel to open in Scandinavia and is conveniently located within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens and the "Stroget" pedestrian shopping district. Despite the lovely day and the Marriott's inviting spa and fully equipped gym, a nap was in order to overcome a bit of jet lag and lack of sleep.


Tivoli Gardens--CopenhagenRefreshed and a bit more alert, dinner at Tivoli's Divan 2 was next on our agenda. During the day, Tivoli is a delightful amusement park set amid lakes and stunning gardens. At night, it's fanciful and fun. Lit by thousands of light bulbs, the flower scented air is alive with the sounds of children's laughter and live outdoor concerts. Originally built outside the old city walls, it's a scene from a fairy tale that has grown to be a highlight for the young and young at heart. Even a bit of intermittent rain couldn't dampen the spirits of those enjoying the rides, musicals, and even a trapeze act presented on an open air stage.


Nyhaven Canal--CopenhagenTwo transfer tours were available to Silversea passengers—a castle tour of North Zealand and city tour of Copenhagen. Bright and early, I began a driving tour of the city's highlights—past Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Danish Parliament and Supreme Court, the Dutch Renaissance style stock exchange, and Nyhaven, the colorful canal area bordered by brightly painted houses and cafes. After a stop at Amalienborg, one of the most beautiful Rococo squares in Europe and the winter residence of the royal family, we proceeded to Rosenborg Castle, home of the crown jewels, and then on to the Stroget. The mile long pedestrian street is lined with shops, exclusive boutiques, and cafes. Cruise passengers will find a haven reserved for them in the Stroget—the Copenhagen Cruise Lounge in the Royal Copenhagen building, which offers complimentary refreshments and a place to check packages while continuing shopping. The Cruise Lounge is open according to cruise ships' scheduled arrivals and departures. While there, we admired the beautiful porcelains and watched an artist painting the distinctive blue pattern on bowls. 

Our final stop before Langelinie Quay to board the Silver Whisper was at the waterfront to bid farewell to the Little Mermaid, perched on her rock in the harbor.


Within walking distance of the Little Mermaid and accessible to the city, Langelinie Quay is the mooring site for most cruise ships and Silver Whisper was a welcome sight after a day of touring. White gloved stewards relieved us of hand luggage and led the way aboard where chilled champagne flutes appeared as if by magic. Once in my suite, luggage arrived within minutes and unpacking was quickly accomplished.

One can never get enough of shopping—a major cruise vacation sport—and the quayside promenade's boutiques looked inviting, so we went back ashore to browse through them and also to redeem the VAT taxes to which visitors are entitled. While that chore can be handled at the airport before going home, it is nice to get it out of the way.

After teatime in the Panorama Lounge and the muster drill, it was time to sail. Our journey began in earnest with a poolside party on a pleasant summer evening followed by a casually elegant dinner in The Restaurant. After a stroll to reacquaint myself with the Silver Whisper's public rooms, I peeked into the Viennese Lounge where a movie was shown on the large screen, but I decided to retire early as we were setting our watches ahead one hour. Tomorrow is a day at sea and the activities planned sound stimulating.

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