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Silversea Cruises' Silver Shadow
Cruise Diva's Cruise Diary
A Swedish Sojourn

Oslo, Norway--National Theater

Oslo, Norway, July 15, 2007
We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to travel and doubly fortunate when we are able to re-visit destinations that we'd like to explore further. Our first visit to Olso several years ago was highlighted by tours through museums, but we had no time to see much of the central city. This time, we concentrated on the area around Karl Johansgate, Oslo's main street. Our morning stroll through the Queen's Park, adjacent to the Royal Palace was followed by a stop for coffee with the locals. Since it was Sunday, there were very few shops open, although the craft market right on the pier seemed to be doing a brisk business in trolls, sweaters, and other souvenirs. As we discovered, even coffee and pastries were expensive; it was probably a good thing the department stores were closed.

Back aboard, we prepared for a casual evening on board and enjoyed dinner and a movie as we sailed for...  

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 16, 2007 
We passed on tours today and instead caught the complimentary shuttle into town. I immediately noticed the resemblance Gothenburg bears to Amsterdam--both have canals designed on the same principles. Even some of Gothenburg's architecture is Dutch-inspired. Basically a large town and mainly industrial, we probably should have taken an excursion to see the countryside. Fellow passengers who did were impressed. However, it was a lovely day to walk and enjoy the Swedish sunshine and downtown sights.

For dinner, we joined friends for a taste of northern Italy in La Terrazza, Silver Shadow's nightly alternative dining restaurant. After making selections from the antipasti bar, I chose deep-fried lemon ravioli, black truffle risotto, and sole fillets. Silversea's heritage is certainly evident in the fine offerings of authentic Italian dishes.

We passed on dancing and a show and turned in early because we'll be on tour tomorrow in...

Copenhagen, Denmark, July 17, 2007
Every tour of this marvelous city inevitably seems to begin at the Little Mermaid statue--the symbol of Copenhagen that is recognized worldwide--and ours did as well. From there we visited the national cathedral and proceeded to Amalienborg Palace for the noon changing of the guard. After lunch at 71 Nyhavn Hotel in the new harbor, we boarded a canal boat for a tour of the city through the canals and harbor, where we passed the new Opera House and once again saw the Little Mermaid from a different perspective.

Back on board Silver Shadow we were treated to "Impressions of Denmark," a folkloric show featuring local amateur performers, including young brother-and-sister dancers. As their dance leader pointed out, "they are the future to keep our traditions alive."

After dinner we were treated to a show by Emma Sinclair, a beautiful soprano who has performed in London's West End and, incidentally, trained with Sarah Brightman's vocal coach. Not only is she a talented singer, but she connects in a special way with the audience that is genuine and sincere.

Seaside--Lubeck, Germany

As we slept, we sailed to...

Lubeck, Germany, July 18, 2007
Even though I lived in Germany for a number of years, I'd never visited this picturesque seaside region of the country--what a shame! We began our tour early and passed through the countryside, first by coach and then a lake boat bound for the village of Eutin and Eutin Castle. The castle, containing priceless antiques and portraits, offers a fascinating look at generations of German nobility. After a walk through the gardens, village, and market square, we departed for our return to Silver Shadow just as the skies opened. While still warm, our fair weather luck had finally run its course and the afternoon alternated sunshine and showers.

Everyone had been talking about the terrific massage loungers installed in Silver Shadow's Observation Lounge for the World Cruise, so I thought I'd grab my iPod and give one a try. Wow... no chance I'd fall asleep with the internal rollers kneading my back and shoulders. The lounge chair even has a control to massage ankles and calves. It won't be possible to sneak off with one of those in my luggage--hopefully, Silversea will be adding them fleetwide.

For tomorrow, we're looking forward to a sea day before arriving back in Stockholm to spend a full day and final night aboard Silver Shadow.

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