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Exploring Worldwide Ports of Call
Cruise Diva Goes Ashore

Embarkation Ports -- From east to west coasts and port cities in betweenhow to get there and what to do during pre- or post-cruise time in embarkation ports. 

Alaska -- Today’s Alaska cruises offer a little something for every lifestyle, from small excursion vessels offering casual informality and soft adventure to megaships with a dazzling array of activities and options.

Bahamas -- Is it really “Better in the Bahamas” as the old tourism slogan claims?

Cruise Lines' Private Islands -- Established to provide a beach break on an island (or part of one) reserved for their exclusive use, most are located in the Bahamas chain of "home" islands.

Bermuda -- Probably the most popular misconception about Bermuda is that it’s a Caribbean island.  It isn’t.

Caribbean -- Sparkling turquoise water, stretches of sandy beach, and the beat of a steel drum band are just the main ingredients of a Caribbean cruise.

Europe, The Baltic  -- From the white cliffs of Dover to Copenhagen and beyond, the centers of power, charm, history, and art in Northern Europe. 

Europe, The Mediterranean -- Cradle of ancient civilizations and playground of the jet-set, the Mediterranean offers tantalizing sights for history buffs or those who want to sunbathe in the buff.

Hawaii -- Since jet airplanes made the Hawaiian Islands more accessible to visitors, the spirit of Aloha has flourished in America's Pacific paradise.  Surely, though, the most satisfying way to arrive is the same way the first Polynesians did--by sea.

Mexican Riviera -- Long the treasured playground of Hollywood movie stars and jet-setting celebrities, the west coast of Mexico was a well-kept secret until television’s “Love Boat” began its weekly journeys through the waters of the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles to Acapulco. 

New England & Canada ~ Northeast Passage --  The increasing popularity of Northeast Passage and Fall Foliage cruises has proven to be a boon for inquisitive cruisers.

South America -- Travel tips from a frequent visitor to South America.

Tahiti -- Only a two-hour time difference from the west coast of the United States, Tahiti is light-years away.  Born of volcanic violence, the islands typify an earthly paradise with unrivaled beaches and lush tropical scenery.

Explore Ashore

Sightseeing can be a large add-on expense to a cruise vacation. Should you choose Shore Excursions vs. Independent Touring? offers decision-making suggestions and also helps you Decipher Excursion Descriptions.

Take a look at "Ship Time" vs. "Island Time" and find out that's all about.

Québec City: Queen of the St. Lawrence — Port of Call review by Pat Woods

Join Georgina Cruz on Tours that Multi-Task and learn how to enjoy both the cultural and natural attractions in your ports of call as she tours in Australia and New Zealand during a Diamond Princess cruise.

The Magic of the Galapagos -- An ecotourism cruising adventure on Quasar Nautica's Lammer Law, by Stewart B. Nelson, Ph.D.

Panama Canal Cruises & Vacations contains a wealth of information about what to see and do when your ship is in port or partially transiting the Panama Canal.

Shore Trips -- Take charge of your port calls by pre-booking shore excursions. All are personally selected by travel professionals to enhance your days ashore.

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