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Cruise Articles by Cruise Diva & Contributors

Hints for New Cruisers

  • What to Expect On Your Cruise -- No two cruise experiences are identical. But what exactly are realistic expectations?
  • Luggage for Your Cruise -- What to consider before making a major luggage purchase, how to adhere to airline baggage regulations, and the answer to how much luggage can you take on the ship.
  • Luggage Limitations For Cruisers — If you are an infrequent flyer, you may be in for a rude surprise at the airport. These are airline regulations and the answer to how much luggage can you take on the ship.
  • Select Your Cruise Ship Cabin — Inside or Outside? Balcony Stateroom or Suite? Take a look at the accommodations available before choosing yours.
  • A Cruise vs. Resort Cost Comparison -- "Which will be kinder to my vacation budget?" Many would-be cruise passengers are surprised that a cruise isn't as costly as they perceived. Let's crunch some numbers.
  • Hints Part 1 -- Little things every first-time Cruise Diva should know ahead of time. By George Hall
  • Hints Part 2 -- You're on board.  What can you expect in this new, yet vaguely familiar, environment? By George Hall
  • A Cruise Diva's Musts -- The Chicago Sun-Times turns to for advice on the secret comforts to make your cruise the best it can be.
  • The Cruise Planning Timeline - The sailing date for your dream cruise is drawing near and it's time to take care of some practical considerations. You're getting ready to cruise—these are the things to do and a schedule of when to do them.
  • Tips for Cruisers -- The Archive of Weekly Cruise Travel Tips. Check in often for new tips or to find the ones you may have missed.
  • FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions & simple answers.
  • First-Time Cruise Smarts For First-Class Passengers - Netfolio & the Cruise Diva collaborate on advice for first-time cruise passengers.

Pre- and Post-Cruise ~ Where to Stay

Cruise Diva's FOCUS -- The in-depth series of articles about cruise travel and related topics.

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