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Linda Coffman

Caribbean Princess
April 3-10, 2004
Live, from Sea
—Notes from the Maiden Voyage
Final Day at Sea

Part Two

Robert & Margarett Downie

It seems like only yesterday we were straining to get our first look at this ship as we flew into Ft. Lauderdale.  Today we try to ignore the fact that it's time to pack up and move on so that a new group can experience the Caribbean Princess. 
The last few days on board have been mostly up to Princess standards.  There are still a few kinks to work out when it comes to organizing people for shore excursions and tendering. With a little time, those problems will also be solved. 
All week the entertainers have been top notch. Paul McAulghin has done a superb job as CD and has a great staff working with him. The dining room staff have also gone out of their way to prepare and serve delicious food, some of the best we've had on Princess in quite some time. 
Of course the biggest question about this ship has been the issue of crowding. Like the Grand Princess, we often walk the ship wondering where everyone is. The ship is absolutely full for this sailing. More than 70% of those on board are first-time cruisers. I think many of those have been swarming the Future Cruises office - maybe that's where they're all hanging out! The changes that Princess has made to the Grand-class layout allow this ship to absorb the extra passengers without difficulty. The only time we've noticed any difficulty was during tendering operations and organizing tour groups.
The Caribbean Princess rides very smoothly even when traveling at top speed. We've noticed minimal motion even in our extreme aft location. We really couldn't ask for better sea conditions. 
Tomorrow we transfer to the Golden Princess. That makes disembarking just a little easier; still, it will be sad to say "arrivaderci" to the Caribbean Princess.

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Copyright © Robert & Margarett Downie

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