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Cruise Reviews by Cruise Diva & Contributors

Ships listed in alphabetical order from O to S:

Oasis of the Seas -- by Vincent Finelli

Oasis of the Seas -- with Francine Silverman

Oasis of the Seas -- Back-to-Back Maiden Voyages by Vincent Finelli

Ocean Princess -- with Pam & Jim Murphy

Oosterdam -- from Karen Segboer

Oosterdam -- by Patrick & Harriette Regan

Oosterdam -- a new ship preview & photo tour by Linda Coffman

Opera -- by Amber Blecker

Opera -- by Dave and Mary Bowman

Paul Gauguin -- by Greg "Pepe" Giese

Paul Gauguin -- by Luke Davis, a Society Islands cruise through paradise

Pride of Aloha -- by Luis Fernandez

Pride of Aloha -- by Carin Rhodes

Pride of Aloha -- a Cruise Diva "virtual" cruise

Pride of America -- a Hawaiian Island cruise with Nathan L. Kimes Sr.

Pride of America -- a Cruise Diva "review" cruise

Pride of Hawaii -- preview sailing by Linda Coffman

Prince Albert II -- Arctic exploration by Georgina Cruz

Prinsendam -- by Doug Eads

Prinsendam -- Preview of the "Elegant Explorer" by Joyce Rachelson

Prinsendam -- Spectacular photos of her arrival in New York City

Professor Multanovskiy -- Antarctica Expedition Cruise with Dr. Joe Reynolds

Queen Elizabeth -- a Cruise Diva preview

Queen Elizabeth 2 -- by John Fields

Queen Elizabeth 2 -- with Bart de Boer

Queen Mary 2 -- in the Western Caribbean with Vincent & Mary Finelli

Queen Mary 2 -- Cruise Diva's QM2 Crossing Cruise Diary

Queen Mary 2 -- the maiden crossing by Dr. John M. Clearwater

Queen Victoria -- by Lynn Holliday

Queen Victoria -- a Cruise Diva preview

Radiance of the Seas -- with E Schlenk, north and southbound in Alaska

Radiance of the Seas -- with Patrick & Harriette Regan

Radiance of the Seas -- with Mary & Vincent Finelli

Radiance of the Seas -- Brandylee reviews the Radiance in Alaska

Radiance of the Seas -- Cynthia Marr offers a unique comparison review

Radiance of the Seas -- A 14-day Panama Canal sailing

Radiance of the Seas -- with Mary & Vincent Finelli on back-to-back first sailings

Radiance of the Seas -- with Tim Rubacky, a sneak peak of Royal Caribbean's radiant and innovative new vessel

Regal Princess -- the brand new Royal-class ship previewed by Cruise diva

Regal Princess -- Alaska Inside Passage with Vincent Rogers

Regatta — the Caribbean Hideaways Cruise Diary

Regatta — join Durant Imboden on a Dover to Barcelona voyage

Rhapsody of the Seas -- An all-new look at the complete ship makeover by Cruise Diva

Rhapsody of the Seas -- with Susan Roberts

Rhapsody of the Seas -- with Kay Edgar

Rhapsody of the Seas -- with Earl & Virginia in the Western Caribbean from Galveston

Rhapsody of the Seas -- sail from Galveston with the Furgerson family

Rhapsody of the Seas -- with Mary Ann Rizzo

Riviera -- with Georgina Cruz

Rotterdam -- European Tapestry cruise with Michel Haineault & Judith Patton

Rotterdam -- a "Mediterranean Medley" by Bruce Baldwin

Royal Clipper -- by Mike Kauffman

Royal Clipper -- by Linda Coffman

Royal Princess -- South America from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso with Tom Caballero

Royal Princess -- through the British Isles with Bruce Baldwin

Ruby Princess -- by Vincent and Mary Finelli

Ruby Princess -- an exclusive Cruise Diva ship preview

R2 Iberian Peninsula -- with Linda Coffman  & Susan Breslow Sardone

R3 ~TAHITI Cruise Diary -- with Linda & Mel Coffman - an illustrated series
    Warning!  This is NOT your mother's hula!  Sailing Through Paradise... 
    R3~2nd in Series Cruising in Tahiti - Papeete, Tahiti & Moorea
    R3~3rd in Series Cruising in Tahiti - Huahine & Raiatea
     R3~4th in Series Cruising in Tahiti - Bora Bora & Beyond

R6 Venice to Barcelona -- with Linda & Mel Coffman

Baltic Capitals Cruise Diary -- with Linda & Mel Coffman

Sapphire Princess -- the "Swine Flu" itinerary, by George Hall

Sapphire Princess -- by Tara Jacobs

Sapphire Princess -- by Jean and Ralph Walker

Seabourn Sojourn -- a Cruise Diva ship review

SeaDream II -- Sailing in a Dream Boat By Robert W. Bone

SeaDream II -- An exclusive illustrated Cruise Diary with Linda & Mel Coffman

Seabourn Spirit -- by MKA

Seabourn Spirit -- Bob & Babs Benton recount an exotic Asian journey

Sea Princess -- with Rob & Liz Holloway, Barbados & Islands cruise

Sea Princess -- with Rob Holloway, Los Angeles to Mexico

Sea Princess -- join Joe Baumgartner on the Northbound Voyage of the Glaciers

Serenade of the Seas -- Vincent & Mary Finelli share another satisfying cruise experience

Sergei Kirov -- Join Gary Karschnick on a Viking River Cruise from
Moscow to St. Petersburg

Seven Seas Mariner -- Defining Luxury by Pat Woods

Seven Seas Mariner -- Cruise Diva reviews the newly-renovated ship at the start of a world cruise

Seven Seas Mariner -- from Paul, reflections of a first time cruiser

Seven Seas Mariner -- Southern Caribbean with Karen and Mark Stanek

Seven Seas Mariner -- with Gary Karschnick from Manaus, Brazil to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Seven Seas Mariner -- with Lori & Barry Cunningham in Alaska

Seven Seas Mariner -- with Hall Coons, a four-night cruise

Seven Seas Mariner -- with Linda Coffman, a preview tour of her inaugural season visit to Charleston

Seven Seas Mariner -- on board impressions by Pete

Seven Seas Navigator -- a Cruise Diary with Linda Coffman

Seven Seas Navigator -- take a break to Bermuda with Anita Potter

Seven Seas Navigator -- with Count Florida

Seven Seas Navigator -- with Gail Koontz, back-to-back South America itineraries

Silver Cloud -- by Doug Eads

Silver Cloud -- with Doug Eads

Silver Shadow -- an Alaska voyage with Georgina Cruz

Silver Shadow Cruise -- an exclusive Cruise Diary of Linda's Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires sailing

Silver Spirit -- with Georgina Cruz

Silver Spirit — A Cruise Diva exclusive World Cruise segment

Silver Whisper -- by E. F. Schlenk

Silver Whisper -- "Scotland's Tattoo" by Durant Imboden

Silver Whisper Cruise -- an exclusive Cruise Diary of Linda's Copenhagen to Stockholm sailing with three days in St. Petersburg, Russia

Silver Whisper -- by Brenda McCroskey

Silver Whisper -- by A. N. Lijkendijk & R. van Meeuwen

Silver Whisper -- cruise the Med with Durant Imboden

Silver Whisper Cruise -- an exclusive Cruise Diary of Linda's Istanbul to Genoa sailing

Silver Wind -- with Georgina Cruz

Silver Wind — See how even a  a luxury ship was improved with innovative ideas and a fresh interior décor.

Silver Wind -- sail around Cape Horn with Steve "Bear" Langley

Silver Wind -- sail along with Bob Benton from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso

Silver Wind -- Photo Tour

Splendour of the Seas -- sail from Venice with Todd McGrath

Splendour of the Seas -- with Steve Garrod

Star Clipper -- by Mike Kauffman

Star Clipper -- with Pat & Mindy Clar

Star Pride -- with Monte Goldstein

Star Princess in South America -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Star Princess in Antarctica -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Star Princess -- by Lucinda Barnett

Star Princess -- by Jim & Gretchen Pugh

Star Princess -- by Jean and Ralph Walker

Star Princess -- by Mary & Vincent Finelli

Star Princess -- a Baltic cruise review

Star Princess -- by Kenneth G. Ramey

Star Princess -- an illustrated preview by Linda Androlia of Sunstone Tours & Cruises

NOTE: Renaissance Cruise Line Ceased Operations on 9/25/01. Use the reviews listed above for planning similar itineraries on other cruise lines.

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