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~ Royal Promenade ~
Royal Caribbean's 
Adventure of the Seas

You think you'd like to take a cruise vacation... but you don't know which cruise line or ship. Aren't they all alike? No, indeed! There are a lot of variables to consider before you take the plunge and book a cruise. You don't want to be at sea only to discover you made a terribly wrong decision. So, how do you find the perfect cruise vacation to suit your lifestyle? 

What are your expectations? Be realistic. Cruise lines fall into loose categories that are generally termed Mainstream, Premium, and Luxury. Learn what distinguishes them from one another and which fits your lifestyle.

So many ships, so little time... how do you decide which cruse line and ship to choose? Use the Cruise Line Profiles links below to get a flavor of what to anticipate and check the "Fleet Fun Facts" links to discover ship details.

Cruise Ship Fun Facts Index

Once you've taken a cruise, most lines want you back to try another ship or itinerary. To entice their past passengers, cruise lines have special clubs for "repeaters, " which include perks such as magazines, member sailings, and discount coupons. For an overview of them, don't miss the links listed in the cruise line profile pages or use the index to...

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Adventure of the Seas' Royal Promenade photograph courtesy of Barry Cunningham, Skyscraper Tours & Cruises