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Queen Mary 2 — Follow Her Progress

Countdown to QM2  
Construction Notes
January 2003 — In just under a year, Cunard Line's $800 million Queen Mary 2 – the largest, longest, tallest and most expensive passenger liner ever – will set out on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England. Currently under construction in France, the future flagship of the British merchant fleet will arrive in Fort Lauderdale 14 days later on January 26, 2004.

At this point, 100 percent of the steel cutting has been completed or approximately 34,000 tons.

As are all modern cruise ships, the liner is being built in blocks. To date, 77 blocks of a total of 98 are assembled.

A 'Joy' to Operate
QM2 is not only the most powerful and fastest new ship to be built in the last 33 years she is the most technologically advanced ship with regard to maneuverability.

A single lever control or "joystick" positioned near the master's command center on the bridge allows the captain to maneuver the 150,000-ton vessel forwards, backwards, sideways or at an angle.

The system involves the pods at the rear of the ship and the thrusters at the forward end. The joystick also gives the captain the option to keep the ship stationary over a fixed spot on the Earth by use of satellites and wind gauges.

At the fingertip touch of the captain, the ship's three thrusters will allow the ship to turn in her own length within a port without the use of tugs. At 1,132 feet or nearly four football fields long, that's not quite turning on a dime, but still quite remarkable!

Like Father, Like Son

When Captain Ronald Warwick, senior master of Queen Elizabeth 2, assumes command of Queen Mary 2 it will surely be a great honour.

His new appointment also has personal significance for he will be following in the footsteps of his late father. Commodore W.E. Warwick was given the distinction of being the first master of QE2.

The two seafarers also share a personal connection to the original Queen Mary. His father was its master and he served as a seaman aboard the legendary liner in the mid-sixties.

Cunard Line is proud to play a role in this Warwick family tradition.

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Text & images courtesy of Cunard Line - visit their web site for additional information

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