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Queen Mary 2 — Follow Her Progress

July 2003     

Sacrificial Anodes Added

The above photo shows two of the four pods installed on the bottom of Queen Mary 2. The white strips are known as "sacrificial anodes." They will eventually rust and fall off over the next couple of years, and they are replaced each dry-dock.

These sacrificial anodes oxidize over the years due to their electrical properties in relation to the fittings at the stern of the ship. Thus, they protect the expensive pods from rusting.

Painting Nears Completion
The painting of QM2 is well under way. Using spray guns, approximately 250 tons of paint will be used to coat the massive vessel.

The thickness of the paint will vary depending on the area of the ship. While 320 microns will be applied to the superstructure of the vessel, 570 microns will be applied to the lower portion of the hull. The final coat of paint will be applied after her sea trials, which are scheduled for late September/early October 2003.

Note: The white paneling fronting the balcony cabins (visible in bottom photo), is actually plastic sheeting used as protection from the weather while the decking is laid.

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Text & images courtesy of Cunard Line & PR Newswire Photo Service

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