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Queen Mary 2 — Follow Her Progress

Countdown to QM2 
February 2003

Picture-Perfect Queens

Scottish-born Gordon Bauwens, one of the world’s leading marine artists, was commissioned in 2000 to render the official illustration of Queen Mary 2 (above).

Since then Bauwens has created this painting on a much larger scale, incorporating the final ship design. The artist has also been at work painting the original Queen Mary on the same scale. Both elegant Queens will be prominently displayed in the Grand Lobby of QM2.

She's Got the Power
The power plant of Queen Mary 2 will produce nearly 116 megawatts of electricity, which is about twice the power of a conventional 100,000-ton cruise ship. In landlubbers’ lingo, that’s enough electricity to power the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Powering QM2 will be four “EnviroEngines” that incorporate the latest maritime technology for operation without any visible smoke. The earth-friendly engines were developed jointly by Wärtsilä Corporation of Finland, the leading global ship power supplier, and Carnival Corporation, Cunard’s parent company.

Currently installed on board QM2, each engine weighs 217 tons and measures 41 feet long by 14.4 feet wide by 18 feet tall.

Original Queen Mary Whistle

One of three whistles that guided Queen Mary through fog-shrouded waters around the world for more than 40 years will be used aboard Queen Mary 2.

The 1,400-pound whistle, one of the most famous sounds in modern maritime history, was keyed to sound a lower Bass A note, two octaves and two notes below middle C. It could be heard 10 miles away but was attuned so as not to disturb the passengers on deck.

The whistle was powered by steam on Queen Mary, but will be converted to air power for its installation on QM2. This work is being performed by the whistle’s original manufacturer, Kockums of Sweden, who has been in business for over 320 years.

The whistle will be fitted on QM2 opposite a working identical replica. It has been donated to Cunard Line on permanent loan from the City of Long Beach, CA, and the Queen’s Seaport Development, Inc., which owns and operates Queen Mary, currently anchored in Long Beach as a hotel and attraction.

Queen Mary 2 Grand Lobby

98 percent complete
The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World

Follow the progress...

Text & images courtesy of Cunard Line - visit their web site for additional information

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